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The 2013 Lelli Memorial Scholarship competition was held on April 24th.  Thirteen of twenty-four Pierce County public high schools were represented.  The scholarship applicants were selected by their high school scholarship committee.  Local businesses sponsored the student and student’s chaperone for the day’s activities.  These businesses include:  APM Terminals, Art Morrison Enterprise, Auto Warehousing Company, Cargotec Services Marine, Carlile Transportation Systems, Fife Commercial Bank, Husky Terminal, ILWU Local 22, ILWU Local 23, Jones Stevedoring, Northwest Wire Rope & Sling, Pacific Maritime Association, Pierce County Central Labor Council, Port of Tacoma, Puget Sound Pilots, Tacoma Rail, Targa Sound Terminal, TEMCO LLC, Totem Ocean Trailer Express, and Washington United Terminals.

The day included a bus tour of the Port of Tacoma, lunch, student presentations, an afternoon tour of the sponsor’s business, and dinner at the monthly meeting of the Tacoma Propeller Club held at the Tacoma Yacht Club.

The scholarship is awarded to the student with the highest score computed from grade point, community and school involvement, financial need, letter of recommendation, and a verbal presentation.  This year’s topic was, “For your career after graduation, if you could choose any job at or related to the Port of Tacoma, what would it be, why, and what kind of difference do you think you could make in that position?”.

The 2013 recipient of the $4,000.00 Lelli Memorial Scholarship award was Jessie Raetz representing Fife High School.  A second place award of $2,000.00 was presented to Annalisa Cochrane from Gig Harbor High School, and third place, with an award of $1,500.00, went to Kelly Gutierrez of Stadium High School.  $200.00 cash was awarded to the following scholarship participants:  Antoinette Graham of Bethel High School, Zoey Selby of Clover Park High School, Stephanie Baker of Eatonville High School, Karly Clendenen of Foss High School, Shirley Chan of Lakes High School, Tanisha Lopez-Chhouy of Mount Tahoma High School, Katelyn Cummings of Peninsula High School, Kegan Mulholland of Washington High School, Samantha Dusek of Wilson High School, and Lindsey Bowers of White River High School.

The total scholarship award for 2013 was $9,500.00, with a twenty (20) year total of over $131,000.00 in cash and merchandise.

Management of the Lelli Scholarship is overseen by the “Past Presidents Club” of the Propeller Club of the United States – Port of Tacoma chapter.  The committee consists of:  Susan Becklund, Sound Brokerage; Nancy Bellerud, APM Terminals; Ron Mason, Fife Commercial Bank; and Candy Nigretto, Port of Tacoma.

The Lelli Memorial Scholarship Fund is supported by contributions from the Tacoma Propeller Club, its members, the Port of Tacoma, local businesses, labor, memorials, private donations, and local charities and foundations.  Donations may be made to:  Tacoma Propeller Club, Lelli Memorial Scholarship Fund, P. O. Box 453, Tacoma, WA, 98401.
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Lelli Memorial Scholarship Fund
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