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2000 Nobel Laureate :Jack Kilby(integrated circuit )
The most advanced integrated circuit is a microprocessor core or multi-corprocessors.Performance of integrated circuits is high, because the short path to bring small size, low power logic circuitry allows fast switching speed can be applied.Many classification methods integrated circuit can be divided into: Analog Integrated Circuit, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits integrated circuits.These digital IC, microprocessor, digital signal processors and microcontrollers, represented by the work using binary 1 and 0 signal processing.IC analog and digital circuits can be integrated on a single chip, in order to make as analog to digital converters and digital-to-analog converters and other devices. This circuit provides a smaller size and lower cost
Widely used in industry, agriculture, household appliances and other fields, but also widely used in military, scientific, educational, communications, transportation, finance and other fields.
IC is a long history of invention, even in our lives and many things have been associated electronics, such as: industrial, military, and so on ...... if our life without electronic circuit really can not imagine what kind of world. Personnel now rely on inventions and contributions of their predecessors, but we have to do is to continue to promote the development of science and technology, make the world  more and more convenient and better.