Welcome to TAC Knives South Africa


Thank you for taking the time to browse through our products. We are confident that you will find something here to suit your tastes, your needs and your pocket.

TAC Knives South Africa was established as a full-time business in November 2008. Our aim is to offer our clients a range of high quality handcrafted Knives that are as useful as they are attractive. 


South Africa has a long and proud tradition of knife making, and many knife makers of international renown still produce their knives here. At TAC Knives we have committed ourselves to contributing to this tradition. The result, we believe, is a selection of knives that are as tough, as durable, and as adventurous as the people that will use them professionally or recreationally.

Every TAC Knife is hand-made using only the best materials that are available to us:

  • Our  handcrafted blades are manufactured from 12C27 Sandvik (which we recommend for our hunting knives) or N690 Bohler (which we recommend for our tactical/ survival knives). Each blade is individually heat treated in our workshop and then Rockwell certified. We usually run our blades between 58 and 60 RC. Blades can be given a bead blast; mirror polish or satin finish.
  • For our handles, we offer a variety of natural materials many of which are only to be found in Southern Africa. For very hard use and tactical/ survival knives we will often recommend the use of MICARTA products.

At TAC Knives we are proud to be able to cultivate a special relationship with our clients. We enjoy making knives and we look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

It bears pointing out that because each knife is made individually from start to finish by hand in our workshops, no two knives are exactly the same. Each knife is well and truly unique.

And we stand behind our knives. We guarantee each handcrafted knife against any material or manufacturing defects. If a knife should break during hard use we will replace it.  Please use our knives for its intended purpose.

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