What's Cooking at TAC International?

This is it..
You have found the page to help us create the TAC 2012 Edition Cook Book.
This is the first Cook Book, so you can help start a legacy here...we have not successully published a cookbook as planned. Maybe this will be the big year!?
Why a TAC Cook Book? ... Why NOT?
The Transatlantic Council has a wealth of scouts and scouters with vast cooking knowledge and camp cooking expertise! The International Committee thought that it’s about high time to compile all this information in a fun and communicative way. Any cookbooks developed, printed nd subsequently sold will benefit the scouts in form of support and scholarships they can apply for..
Check out the file below to see the format we are working on...
MAKE IT FUN... submit recipes from your home countries to share with all!
Contact us and we will give you functional access to the site: cookbook@tac-bsa.org
Add in the Subject Line: TAC Recipe Book
Michael Kaiserauer,
Feb 14, 2009, 1:28 PM