Learning exchanges

The CLAVIER project brings together English speaking learners of French from Warwick University and French speaking learners of English from the Université Blaise Pascal Clermont Ferrand. The project initially concerns approximately 500 students. Learners first choose one or several partners to practise the target language in their free time.  Participation in the exchange is recommended but not compulsory. Communication can be synchronous or asynchronous. The participants are free to determine the means, the content, the frequency and the modality of the exchange.

Activities, which can be more or less formal, are also proposed by teachers of the two centres during and outside of formal classes. We are attempting to make connections between formal learning, non-formal learning and informal learning.

While the initial meeting point for the the two communitites was a Moodle course hosted by Warwick Language Centre, the students have been encouraged to use the communication tools of their choice: mail, email, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Google Plus or other any means.

The teachers of L’Université Blaise Pascal use Google Applications in their pedagogy and starting from 2012, the social network Google Plus will be a second meeting point for students of the two communities.

A chance meeting on Steve Wheeler's blog Learning with e's and Twitter networking led to a virtual language exchange for over 500 students.

Teresa Mackinnon @warwicklanguage speaks about Flower vases and irises. The importance of letting learners meet in their favoured habitats.