Online-Fortbildung des LPM: Podcasting on the go

With smartphones becoming ever more  popular, language teachers and students  now have ubiquitous connectivity to the world in their hands and a virtual  Swiss-army knife to facilitate creative learning in their pockets.

Smartphone podcasting apps give language teachers and their students great flexibility in the recording and sharing of audio. In this session, I will be presenting Soundcloud, Audioboo and Ipadio and demonstrating a variety of activities which can enrich and extend the language learning classroom.  

Participants will be asked to share their voices, ideas and experiences to investigate how these tools can help develop student motivation and second language development.

Ipadio, Soundcloud and Audioboo Comparative

A few ideas for using mobile podcasting:

A poem written by me 40 years ago for 'New Voices' a school poetry collection. Published to a wider public for the first time thanks to SoundCloud :-)

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