Shadow of the Colossus

My private sanctuary to one of my favorite games of all time. 
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The Making of: Technology behind the Game

  • An impressive in-depth developer write-up of how the vast distances, motion-blur, shading, High Dynamic Range and deforming 3d models are rendered. (The page is since offline, and I manually uploaded all 215 images from the Japanese page to my Google account so you could still read the article, which I'd saved the text)

Wikipedia's Information

Shadow of the Colossus [main page

  • Talkback^ about the pages the users have been creating.
  • The Wanderer in the Secret Garden [picture].

Soundtrack "Roar of the Earth"


Actual cheats are few and require a Pro Action Replay^. Most easter eggs are unlockable content, which is a difficult and arduous task. 


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