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Note: I've have four children raised by breast feeding. I've lost any problems with seeing them in a 3d videogame. Other than that, all I want to see is my wife's.

My Character

This is my Dark Elf, Milagras. She's rather wild and enjoys running through the wilderness with little on (it also makes her move much faster in the game), though she clothes herself for towns.

She's a Jack of All Trades using KCAS's leveling modification^, which basically means anything she does, she gains experience at.

Read the story about Milagras.

*I use the Great Wheel choice within the KCAS mod to fulfill the Jack of All Trade's purpose.

Oblivion is Beautiful with Natural Environments

Before Natural Environments:

Here is a screenshot before Natural Environments^:

You will notice that while the lighting and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) effects are good, it feels rather bland. 

The character here was my first attempt. She died a horrible death: Mod death. I learned to use the Oblivion Mod Manager the hard way. I can no longer open her savegames. 

After Natural Environments:

Now you can feel that it's summer. 

It adds seasons, winter, spring, summer & fall, and increases the weather effects from 7 to 40, without reducing frame-rate / FPS. How? Basically, it's a recoloring effect, and changes what values the light uses. Since your computer is already processing these things, it doesn't hurt it to make the light yellowish or blue, and the scripts that tell what season is what are miniscule to the overall game.

Natural Environments makes Lush Trees

The foliage and vegetation really comes to life with this mod. Oddly, it doesn't affect FPS. 

The same bushes, trees and everything are there, nothing new is added, their leaves are just fuller.

Modifications I Use

The big ones are mentioned above. Minor tweaks to thieving and "No Psychic Guards" make a life of crime and backstabbing both risky but achievable.