GP2X Game Reviews

GP2X Game Reviews

I've played games since the Atari 2600, including NES, Genesis, SNES, Neo Geo, PSX, N64, PS2, XBOX, GBA, GP2X, Commadore 64, Amiga and PC games. This speaks to my qualifications and experience with videogames.


Homebrew / Ports 

OpenBor (Beats of Rage)

  • 90% [keeper]
    Beats of Rage was developed by some talented Streets of Rage fans, my favorite Sega Genesis series and the seminal "beat-'em-up" games. Unlike so many copies, this one plays well. I recommend trying Kula, she's the fastest.

OpenBor Mods 

  • Castlevania 10% [deleted]
    Maria's model changes to one of the original Beats of Rage characters every time she grabs someone or pulls a special move. On top of this, the collision detecting is wonky.
  • Dragons of Rage 0% [deleted]
    It crashes on the 3rd level, which isn't very far in. Gameplay is silly... run-by-slashing Samurai to replace Beats of Rage's motorcyclists? 
  • Crisis of Evil 75% (based on Resident Evil) [keeper]
    Much more fun. You have to use your pistol to shoot the zombies and don't let them grapple you. Enemies kill you quickly to compensate for your gun. 


  • 100% Quake [keeper]
    What is there to say? It's Quake for your Pentium 75 or 486/66 PC and it works! Left & Right shoulder buttons strafe - bottom buttom jumps, top switches weapon, another shoots, and Volume +/- handles looking up and down for those situations.

    I give this 100% not because the game is that good but because it's perfect Quake. It can even use MODs and models for quake. It's like saying "It's 100% Chicken" only it's not chicken, it's Quake.