The ultimate emulation/video playing/homebrew gaming handheld console

This is my GP2X - overclocks to 280MHz (dual-core 200MHz system, 64MB RAM, fast sprite & video-processing hardware for 2d games or DIVX movies). I have a 4GIG SD memory card, 575 Genesis ROMs, 144 SNES ROMs (Super Nintendo plays slowly, though, so I avoid it), about half a dozen NEO GEO ROMs (those play fine), and several homebrew games and ports such as Beats of Rage and Nethack. It runs on two AA's (rechargable) for 4 hours or a power-supply.

Update: Fixed GP2X

The damn thing broke, but a kindly community member fixed it for, essentially, the low, low cost of shipping! Grahf did it, bless him. I'm back in action.

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 Custom Graphics

  • Graphics I've made or put together for GP2X menus & programs. Click on the graphic to load the original - then download it.


This graphic goes in your "/openbor/gui/" directory, under the name "logo.gif"