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An old player of mine gave this to me for Christmas, which has all of NWN's expansions and the core game itself. Now I can play again.
PC   10
After Neverwinter Nights, this is truly the greatest game of all time. 10 sq k islands that you could traverse on foot or in any vehicle (planes, boats, motorcycles, jeeps, tanks) it featured the first AI to really work as a squad and try to flank the enemy (player or other), and used combined force tactics. Other than the AI's lack of fear of incoming fire (fire for effect does nothing, there is no "suppressive fire" against the AI), OFP's AI reigned supreme for years, and is still a benchmark.
PC   10
The greatest game of all time. The first RPG that brought about the ability to play Dungeons & Dragons online. I created four Peristent Worlds using the Aurora Toolset, being Ameryth, Shila, Shila 2, and Shadowmyr (with Kevin). Only Operation Flashpoint stands with this game, nothing else compares. Too bad Infogrames forced Bioware to release this game in a buggy state. Aging engine, boring tile-based module building and difficulty maintaining a persistent world made me quit.
PC 9.0 10
The greatest RPG I've ever played if considering story and presentation alone. Even Bioware hasn't outdone it yet. I cried, I felt betrayed, the game made me feel something emotionally. Subsequent releases of the FF series never grabbed me, and I don't own a PS2 to get FFX-2.
PS 9.5 9.9
The perfect 1st Person Shooter adventure - this game synthesizes everything before it save Operation Flashpoint and "open" 1st Person Shooters. Its story, graphics, flow, alternating gameplay modes to keep everything fresh, are all incredible.
PC 9.7 9.8
The greatest game of its time. Until Operation Flashpoint and Neverwinter Nights came out, it was never dethroned.
PC   9.8
One of my personal favorites for the Playstation, and where I get my Internet moniker, "David Beoulve." There will always be a special place in my heart for this game.
PS 8.5 9.8
An incredible RPG that brought CRPGs back into the limelight and let the world know that Bioware was a new force in RP gaming. Pharra was my character.
PC 9.4 9.8
Greatest PS2 title I've ever seen
The game is undoubtably short for gamers interested only in winning, but it's pure artwork and depth of feel for the rest of us. It is something that makes you feel, something that makes you want to wander, explore, strive. It's the only game I've ever beaten my first time through without dying, because it allows for that amount of caution.
PS2 9.7 9.8
Great game, I also played Heart of Winter. Lia & Vera Ender, along with Zarathustra the evil magess, adventured with Pharra here. Multiplayer was a lot of fun.
PC 8.8 9.7
Wonderful 1st Person Shooter that spawned more MODs that I loved than any other game here (reflected in score). By itself I'd give this game an 8 - I didn't finish the campaign mode and multiplayer sucked.
PC 9.5 9.6
The greatest RTS ever produced - it features improvements over everything we have come to know in RTS's, right down to the process used in actually playing them, combined with some new play mechanics and the ability to span all of the real world ages in human history - it just doesn't get any better.
PC 8.2 9.6
I loved this game! Easy to play and to get into, it was the finest true MMORPG I have ever played. Longevity was its weakpoint, with the combat system becoming very repetative, and there being few things to do in the game but fight PvE or PvP. Upper levels all felt the same, and felt like a grind. PvP weighed more towards numbers and levels than skill.
PC 9.1 9.6
An incredible RPG if you don't mind that every area is path-based and there aren't any big open areas to explore, just a lot of interconnected paths. Great story, compelling gameplay. I had a lot of fun marrying Lady Gray and someone who looked like my wife and ubering my character by combining Force Shield with Berserk and Multi-Strike, which stack.
Xbox 9.3 9.5
All the time, with friends or alone, this game is fun. There is nothing like this game - detailed crash physics and modelling combined with game modes where the object is to take down other racers plus the ability to let a friend join or get on Live and play with more people.
Xbox 9.5 9.5
I loved this game. Some of its gameplay idiosyncracies are still better than UT2004, with regards to how you can customize Bots.
PC 9.6 9.5
This actually recalled most of what was good about UT and added in vehicles! Loads of MODS make this game a keeper.
PC 9.4 9.5
Incredible RTS - the spiritual successor to StarCraft. Rock, paper, scissors units make strategy a must. Online play with my cousin and Steve was a plast.
PC 8.8 9.5
A great wealth of content upgraded, but the campaign didn't allow for multiplayer, so I didn't play it.
PC 8.6 9.5
An excellent expansion that I played through, but only added a modicrum of content for world building.
PC 7.7 9.5
This only added to DOOM. Some of the levels were better, some worse.
PC   9.5
While even better than the first, I just couldn't finish it. Pharra's adventures continued here. Included excellent multiplay, but the pace was too plodding for friends.
PC 9.4 9.5
While the campaign mode only nets a "7" by itself, the game shines online. Playing Team Last Man Standing I attained the rank of 7th out of thousands - too much fun. Sadly the online Conquest mode is buggy, which involves a Planetside/Risk-style gameplay mode where your battles matter and the war wages on without you when you are offline. Despite this flaw and the "done that" single-player campaign mode, I keep coming back for more XBOX Live play - evidence of a great game.
Xbox   9.5
Not really an MMORPG, this game is fun due to its skills, PvP that is actually enjoyable, and large amounts of explorable areas. There is little to do but collect skills and create new characters once you reach 20th level, but that's the point. Strategy with skill selection is awesome, especially when combining abilities with your friends. PvP is great because personal skill and tactical choices matter so much, no zerg rushes!
PC 9.0 9.5
WONDERFUL EDITOR! Love the editor!
PC   9.4
I love this game so much I still play it from time to time. Sandbox mode and campaign mode are both fun.
PC 8.5 9.2
I love this game on its own merits. Collecting outfits for the girls is fun, and I only play Kasumi because I can't unlock Hitomi. Online is also fun with my cousin or random people or just by myself.
Xbox 9.2 9.0
While Half-Life 2 dulls the image a bit, Halo 2 features great multiplay clan match and death match modes, but sadly no cooperative mode online (only at your house). I rarely play it alone. With my Cousin and our Clan, this game is as fun as a 9.8, but without them it's just really good (9).
Xbox 9.8 9.0
Great RTS for its time, innovative, different, focused on companies and cities in a fantasy setting.
PC 8.5 9.0
The seminole RTS. I played through its campaign. 3rd Party Editors sucked. WC2 sucked compared to this game, but everyone played it more. AI was great for the time.
PC   9.0
A worthwhile followup that adds the United States of America - a glaring omission of the original release, plus more nations, units, maps and so on. It makes RoN more fun to own and play.
PC 8.9 9.0
Great addition with worthwhile new units. I never played the campaign modes, I just made my own maps.
PC   8.8
Great little RTS - not as good as Dawn of War, but I enjoy it more because I like the game-flow and the setting. I think it may be short lived online, however.
PC 8.3 8.7
They did away with much of what I didn't like about The Sims, but left in the problem with the control interface not handling more than one Sim at a time. Still, I love this version.
PC 9.4 8.6
I loved StarCraft because of the gameplay and the Campaign Editor. I hated that the AI wasn't more autonomous and that you couldn't select more than a handful of units at a time.
PC 9.5 8.6
Better than the first, and I played all the way through! No multiplayer. Not as repetative and much easier than the first. The voice acting was still gritty and good.
PC 9.4 8.6
I enjoyed this much more and spent more time on it than SimCity.
PC   8.4
Great shooter that I actually played all the way through! No multiplayer. Bullet-time was wonderful, the graphics were superb, and the difficulty ramped up acceptably. A little repetative. Great voice acting.
PC 9.3 8.4
Wonderfully fun RTS, but no editor. Skirmish mode was great. Naturally I didn't finish the campaign mode.
PC   8.3
Incredible shooter. As a fan of the old 2d-shooters, this game blows my mind. Flying a dragon with a girl, having to shoot at targets ahead, to the side, and behind her, having three modes to change the dragon do, and being able to speed up and slow down, with incredible variations between levels, it's an oldie but a goodie.
Xbox 9.2 8.0
A great game, great graphics, but sadly repetative gameplay and level design. Very scary - scared me more than Undying. Too repetative to finish.
PC 8.9 8.0
Amazing little shooter - sadly its cooperative multiplayer never panned out and never worked. Great graphics, great to walk islands again not unlike Operation Flashpoint. Didn't finish playing the game, however.
PC 9.2 8.0
Great sim game. I enjoyed making a huge, detailed scenario of Florida, which would lock you in to certain areas. Sadly a HD crash lost it. The AI in this game so so deplorable it literally did not work!! Hence the score.
PC 8.8 8.0
I enjoyed the original in college against other mates.
PC   8.0
Very interesting game - but still a micromanager's dream. Visually stunning to me.
PC 9.3 8.0
Not as good as C&C, but more easily edited. AI was still fairly good. Didn't finish the campaign.
PC   8.0
I loved this RTS. Great AI, first well done 3d RTS I'd seen. Sadly the AI didn't keep up in higher levels of play.
PC 8.0 8.0
Broke some ground technologically speaking, but I found the gameplay lacking.
PC   7.8
I played this long ago. It was kinda fun for the time, but I moved on.
PC   7.6
Fun, funny little RTS with kinda lame RPG elements.
PC 6.9 7.5
The second game featured less overwhelming magic, more unit types, and the same lame AI on your side. I loved the editor more, but had to mold my maps around the idiocy of the AI on both sides.
PC   7.5
A highly detailed flight simulator. I loved experimenting with user-made planes and seeing how they flew, and the arcing lines of their flight path. Wasn't really fun though.
PC   7.4
Fun for the time, little did I know how much better Unreal Tournament was until months later.
PC 9.3 7.3
Honestly my friends like this game more than I do. It plays exactly like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance I & II, only it sports more players. That said, the graphics are spartan for my evolved tastes since these games came out, but the fun is all there. When I'm by myself, I play something else. When friends come over, they request this game by name.
Xbox 8.3 7.0
Good game to play when friends are over. They enjoy it more than I do, honestly - it's a party game. I never play it alone.
Xbox 8.7 7.0
Great tennis game, if you're into that sort of thing. Good for a four-player game with friends. I never play it alone.
Xbox 9.3 7.0
Meh. This wasn't so hot.
PC 9.0 7.0
Honestly, it played too much like the original, and the graphics weren't my type, but the game was good.
PC 8.6 7.0
This was fun on my PSX. Good port, actually.
PS 7.0 7.0
This game was just a pre-DOOM 2 expansion that kinda sucked for the price.
PC   7.0
Innovative game, but too much micromanagement.
PC 9.5 7.0
I tried this because of SimCity 2000 and it was all right. I didn't drop it immediately.
PC   6.7
Uhh, suck. Great graphics for the time, but the SAME gameplay from years ago?
PC 8.0 6.7
My friends love this game, some more than DoA2:U, because it's simplistic by comparison. They completely changed how Soul Calibur & Soul Blade's combo system works, and I hate it. I never play it alone.
Xbox 9.2 6.5
Haven't tried it yet, but I have it.
Xbox   6.0
Hefty addition. It didn't keep me playing but it was cool to see Florida.
PC   6.0
I stuck the game in once and looked at it. It's football.
Xbox 8.7 5.0
Slow, plodding, miniscule jumps, controls dating back to the PSX - where's the goodness that was my original Tenchu on the PSX? Even my friends mostly shy away from this game. This is the only XBOX game I am stuck with that I regret owning.
Xbox 7.0 4.0
Probably a good RPG, but the Multiplayer sucked horrendously, and I didn't get it to play alone. My friend Kevin bought this for me, poor soul.
PC 8.7 4.0
I tried this because of SimCity 2000 and it sucked.
PC   4.0