Dulce Maria

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Dulce, age 8, with her younger sister, Alejandrita, age 5.
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Dulce, age 7, and her
American Grandmother, Gopher.
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Dulce, age 8, looking cute.
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Dulce Maria

  • 8 years old
  • Is be skinny / petite
  • Is be short
  • Born 1999
  • 2nd grade

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A bit about Dulce

She's our Princess. She is timid, shy, easily scared, and compassionate. She's loving. She's the one who thinks to bring everyone something they need, the one random people in Wal-Mart tell us "She's so sweet!"

She loves to sit in my lap and watch movies; alternatively, she loves falling asleep in my arms.

She falls for almost anything, such as the Grits, Jackalopes and Snow Snakes story.

She's steadily taking over Maria de Guadalupe's chores as the oldest daughter, as Maria is having to care more and more for her baby brother, so we are relying on her to bear the brunt of the cleaning, and she does.

She loves dressing well, even on weekdays. Every day I come home, I can count on the fact that Dulce will be the best dressed daughter. She doesn't mind that she has to be more careful than her sisters do with their dresses. My firstborn is too pragmatic to care, but to Dulce, looking and feeling like a lady is its own reward.

Her best friend is Marguerite, Billy and Sarah's daughter. She has an older brother too, Zach.

Her nicknames are:

  • Princess
  • Cuddle Bunny
  • Snaggletooth (if I want her older sister to pummel me)