David Does Lent

The first kid is serious. I'm being satirical, or flippant.

RaptorCardel, Age: 16

I struggle enough in my day to day life truth be told. Pleasures of the flesh haunt my soul the most. It is a constant battle to remain as pure as possible. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

My lent takes place everyday, when I force myself to drown those thoughts and the acts associated to them. Porn is so readily available online here. Google images, limewire to name a few. Having a girlfriend of 1 and a half years doesn't half either I suppose :S

So its a constant battle for purity. To me, that is my lent.

(PS: The first time spell check did NOT tear my post apart! Only 2 errors! Yay!)
Proverbs 3: 5-6
Dont be lazy, look it up.

David Beoulve, Age: 30

 Being a gamer, I try to apply Lent to my daily life the way it used to impact Christians ages ago.

For one, no bloody videogames. If it's got red in it, and it gushes, it's out for Lent.

But only playing puzzle games or 4x strategy games are not enough. Lent is a time of sacrifice, so I only play games I don't like.

That's right, on Lent, I play bad games.

Now, it would be easy enough to skip the torture and say "Well, I'm not playing videogames because -- if I do, they'll stink!" and sometimes I'm weak and do that, but sometimes I bust out "Katamari Damacy II" and turn up the music volume "We love Katamari! We love Katamari! oonga oonga oonga We love Katamari!" or Grandia III and force myself to read the story.

Alas, it's the little things that count.