Alejandrita Maria

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Alejandrita Maria (Alay-hon-dri-ta)

  • 6 years old
  • Is be easy 2 lift
  • Is be short
  • Born on 2002
  • Is not be in school

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A bit about Alejandrita

She is the instigator of play. She's a bit shy but loves to have people over and loves to get people playing and having a good time. She plays with her baby brother constantly and is active without being hyper. She's well behaved and fears the angry Papa or Mama.

She enjoys drawing and is a natural at it.

She's left handed, our only lefty. 

When she was Four: 

Sometimes she gets her sisters in trouble. She always joins them though - house rules.  I love the look she gets when she realizes she just woke mommy up, it's classic. I don't have to do anything. Because she's four, she has trouble knowing the times she's allowed to scream bloody murder and run about, and because she's the instigator of play, the fact that others aren't doing it doesn't stop her. So cute!

Her nicknames are:

  • Fairy
  • Fairy Princess