19" Widescreen LCD

Acer AL1916WABD / 19" Wide / 5ms Response Time / 700:1 Contrast Ratio 
WXGA+ 1440 x 900 / DVI · VGA / Black Color


What We Think:

David: Overall I say it's worth buying because it wa's only $200 with shipping from Newegg.

Personally, I still despise LCD's compared to CRT's. It's got the standard color issues that LCD's have and the weird cleartype effect. However, I love its aspect ratio and it doesn't appear to have noticable ghosting (at least, for normal people who can't "see" 75mhz refresh rates on CRT's as I can - all I can detect on this is black to white ghosting, but no color ghosting that I've found). But I am a picky bastard with abnormally good vision and color detection.

Because of the brightness, I found that keeping the computer room lights on actually helps my eyes. Unlike my 21" Hitachi Perfect-Flat CRT (CM823F), this doesn't produce glare, which I assume must be due to the LCD"s backlighting because they are both flat. 

All of that said, you can't find a CRT this good for $200, as production of them is dying. Certainly you can't have wide-screen.

After Ordering, but Before Arrival: 

Large & in charge, for only $200 including shipping from NewEgg. I read up on it and it's good. I was looking for deals all over and thought "Huh, I should try NewEgg" and low and behold, it had a better LCD (for the price, $200, free shipping) than anything I was finding on PriceWatch.com. I Froogled it and NewEgg was the only seller with that price.

It's a great buy for a gamer LCD / household LCD. It's not great for Graphic Design due to the fact that it's not an $800 LCD with spot-on colors. However, it is luminous and vibrant as LCDs tend to be, judging by what I've read. It's not as vibrant as the defacto Dell 20" widescreen but that thing is at least $100-150 more so... it's not really something to compare this deal to.

Compared to other LCD's around this price, it's larger, has better response time, and it's widescreen, which a lot of LCDs in this price bracket ($150-$200) aren't.

Display Properties

Display Type


Viewable Screen Size

19 inches

Display Area

410.4mm(H) x 256.5mm(V)

Display Colors

16.2 million


Input Video Signal

VGA (D-Sub)

Optical Characteristics

Contrast Ratio



300 cd/m²

Horizontal Viewing Angle

150 degrees

Response Time

5 ms

Vertical Viewing Angle

130 degrees

Resolution and Preset Modes

Maximum Resolution

1440 x 900

Physical Specifications

Cabinet Color


Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)

16.2" x 16.0" x 7.1"

Unit Weight

12.4 lbs.

Power Consumption


 Anyway, it's kind of cool. No idea if I'll prefer this over my beautiful Hitachi CM823F 21" Perfect-Flat CRT with it's lovely blacks and so on, but worse case scenario is that it runs Maria's computer, Clara (my 4yo gaming rig) and I use the LCD for LAN parties when I take my PureXS about. For instance, I could come over to your new place once you get one, and save versus cat-dander ;)

But seriously, it just seemed like a good deal, and she's been asking me to throw out all these moniters and get at least one LCD for over a year.