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Thoughts on videogames, kids and life. 

We can't agree on what to put here. [See more pictures of my family]

My Pages

  • Family Bio - Stuff & pictures about all the lovely people I come home to every day.
  • Pictures of My Family - I have a lovely Latin wife, three well-behaved, loving daughters, and a very Latin baby boy! (That means he's very determined and strong willed while having a healthy dose of Latin empathy.)
  • Nintendo Wii - I gots me one. Actually it's my daughters' (I have a computer), but I'm known to get my game on with them. I had to brave the night and chilling rain in a long line to get it for them for Christmas.
  • Battleships Forever - I made an entire fleet.
  • Nintendo DS - we have a pink one and a black one.
  • MP3 Player - we have a Philips GoGear 30GB (HDD6330).
  • My PureXS PC from All American Computers^ and our 19" widescreen LCD from NewEgg for $200!
  • GP2X pages (image on the right) Linux powered handheld gaming system.

My Friends' Sites

My Websites


  • Shadow of the Colossus - My shrine to the Playstation 2 game. Information on games dies as they age - this is where I keep the copyleft information I acquire for all to have.
  • Games I'm Anticipating - I'm a very discerning gamer, having played videogames since the Atari 2600^.
  • Games I Own - My big list.
  • Urban Dead - a web-based "the dead rise to eat the living" MMO I enjoyed.


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