Table Top Scenes


Modeling the world, or creating dioramas as it is frequently referred to, has been done many times and at many scales.   Most of the time, it does involve the model railroading hobby.   This book is not going to cover railroads specifically, but you can refer to the companion book “Table Top Trains” if that is the direction you want to go.  The two hobbies are somewhat related because much of the materials you will use, even if you are not building a train layout, will come from materials available from that hobby.  

Some examples of what has been done in modelling the world can be seen all around the globe.  One of the largest is located in Hamburg Germany and is called “Miniature Wunderland”.  There is also “Miniature World” located in Victoria, BC, Canada.  Another great model is in Busan, Korea called “Diorama World”.  There are diorama exhibits in many museums depicting historical places and events.  A great one is a circus replica called “The Howard Bros. Circus” located at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota Florida. Check these and others out on the internet and you will be amazed and inspired.

There will be frequent reference to “dioramas” throughout this book.   A diorama may also be referred to as a scene and/or module.

You may choose to build just one diorama, or several.   You might choose to connect them together or not.

In either case this book is going to cover a concept based on a unique modular design that provides many advantages and conveniences including:

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to build and work on
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • Looks great
  • No power tools or soldering iron necessary

Inside this book you will find detailed instructions, including recommended materials, how-to guides, suggestions, examples, and more.  We are sure you will save $$$ with our money saving tips and suggestions.

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