Expandable Table

  We have made arrangements with a USA Company that specializes in custom cabinets, woodworking, and furniture to build a unique and beautiful expandable table that can not only seat up to 15 people when fully expanded, but also retract into a small cabinet when not in use.   This table works perfectly in a dining room, multi-purpose room, or conference room and also to setup a layout of Table Top Trains.  Available in different wood finishes.

Price: $2,800 FOB Rockville, Connecticut, USA

Contact us for more details on ordering your custom made table or contact the table manufacturer directly at Tomkiel Custom Cabinetry


A custom designed Expandable Table that takes up very little room, until you need it.

The table is all closed up in this picture.  It has optional wheels so it is easy to move if you need to. All pieces are stored inside the cabinet.

Dimensions closed is 40"w x 24"d x 30"h.


Wood finish can be specified if you want to match existing furniture. Hardware can also be specified.

With the doors open, you can see where the (7) leafs are stored as well as the (2) extra legs.

Note that there is extra room on the right to store additional items.

Grab the front part of the table and pull. The extension rails are all interlocked and makes this part of the task extremely easy.

The design is absolutely amazing!

The table is now partially extended. You can extend it anywhere from 20" to 12 feet. Each leaf is 20" and there are 7 leafs.

The table is now fully extended. Now use the brackets and connect the extra 2 legs to make the table sturdy. No hardware required. The legs screw into the bracket and the rails sit on the brackets.
Now simply put the leafs on top of the rails. The leafs interlock with each other to make a perfect match.
Here is the fully assembled table ready for that special occasion or for your Table Top Trains.
Not only is this a very functional table, but it is an elegant piece of furniture. Handcrafted using the finest materials, this piece will last for generations.