Club/Regional/NAP Tablet Bridge

At this time we are discontinuing this program. While the regionals have continued to express interest, the interest among clubs has not been sufficient enough to continue running these events. 

We want to thank all the clubs that did participate and support this event. We would also like to thank BBO for their incredible vision and efforts on this especially Trisha Malazdrewicz and Uday Ivatury 

                If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact

Two- 18 board session Open Stratified Pair (play-through)
(0-750,750-2000,2000+ by average)

Wednesday 4:45PMET - 8:45PM ET August 30th, 2017

D6 Atlanta Regional and Qualified Clubs:

If you'd like to get your club involved, email

$22/person for the two session event + Club Determined Entry Fees

(Pre-registration and payment required) 

To register for a practice game click HERE
To register for the main event click HERE


"We have a player from the Truro DBC in my district who just got her life masters with this game"

"I am  one of the players from  the Hot Springs club who played (for the first time) in the tournament yesterday. I play on BBO all the time, so I am used to the format of that site. I think this is a wonderful way to offer gold points to those who may want to limit their travel - and to those who also want to limit their expenses! Please keep offering these opportunities! I really enjoyed it and will do it again for sure!" - Gretchen Lawrence, Player, Hot Springs

" You guys again did a wonderful job of hosting the e-game today.  Unlike Gatlinburg we didn't have anybody make life master today, but several of us did get a step closer.  The e-game concept is catching on here in Hot Springs.  Last time 3 pairs, this time 5 pairs competed.  Next time maybe we can get 7 or 9 pair to participate.  We are all looking forward to future e-games.  As I stated before I would love to see an e-game offered once a month at  a regional.   The gold points already earned by our participants show that it is a valuable addition to physically traveling to a regional." - Tony Gunn, Hot Springs


"On behalf of Bridge Club Meridian – thanks for organizing this event. Hope everybody realizes the great potential the online regionals have and I personally want to see club games run in the same format." - Dian Petrov, Monitor, Bridge Club Meridian


Players from Bridge Club Meridian:

"Thank you for all of your time and effort in bringing online regional tournaments to all of us. I had a wonderful time learning"

"What a great effort on your part to organize this for all of us.  Playing online was new for me and from all the comments below, we all enjoyed it tremendously and appreciated your enthusiasm and patience with all of us.  Thank you so much and look forward to doing it again."

 "I know we were all so happy to earn masterpoints today, and we didn't even have to leave town!  I agree with the previous comments made by everyone who played in the tournament.  We appreciate not only all the time you took to prepare us for today, Dian, but also the patience you showed to each of us as we worked through the "kinks!"  Thank you so much for all your efforts - they really paid off!  We're now looking forward to the next tournament!"