Club/Regional/NAP Tablet Bridge

            Next up: Flying Pig Regional Tuesday June 6th, 2017 
(After all if Pigs can Fly they should be in the Cloud)

Two-18 board session Open Stratified Pair (play-through)
(0-750,750-2000,2000+ by average)

Tuesday 4:45PM - 8:45PM ET June 6th, 2017

D11 Flying Pig Regional and Qualified Clubs:
Villages DBC
LA Bridge Association
Pensacola DBC
Bonita Bridge
BC of St. Paul
Hot Springs Duplicate 
Lakeland Duplicate BC
Bridge Club Meridian
St. Louis BC
In-Between DBC
St. Petersburg
Pawleys Island BC
Garden City DBC
Truro DBC
Valley DBC (NS)

If you'd like to get your club involved, email

$26/person for the two session event + Club Determined Entry Fees

(Pre-registration and payment required)