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 "TabChart by EncGoo could possibly be one of the best apps out there on the market for the iPad in terms of data presentation."   AppPicker news. 

TabChart is an iPad/iPhone/iPod application that supports editing spreadsheet and generating compelling 2D/3D charts, and this makes it more powerful than popular spreadsheet Apps like Spreadsheet, Chart Maker, and iSpreadsheet. Actually TabChart ($1.99) equals to Spreadsheet ($5.99) + Chart Maker ($8.99) !
You can create, view and edit spreadsheet files exported from Excel on iPad/iPhone/iPod. More importantly, TabChart can generate professional looking 2D and 3D charts, including bar chart, stack bar chart, pie chart, line chart and area chart. Advanced features include Pareto chart and Statistics formulas! This makes TabChart even more powerful than Apple Numbers. 
It supports both Landscape mode and Portrait mode. In addition, it provides a unique handy feature: attach a yellow sticker to a file or an individual cell of a table as a reminder. 
TabChart for iPad ($1.99):    TabChart - edit spreadsheets and generate 3D charts - EncGoo
iTabChart for iPhone ($0.99):iTabChart-Edit spreadsheet and Generate charts - EncGoo.


Generate 3D Bar chart:

Create a spreadsheet and generate 3D Pie chart:

Now as a real estate agent, you can easily present the sales data to your customers using your iPad/iPhone/iPod. As an instructor, you can manage the information and grades of your students in iPad. The full file management support allows you to organize files nicely in different folders. As a housewife, you can handle your monthly budget management on iPad/iPhone/iPod. With the handy feature of yellow sticker, you can easily attach a note to a particular expense. As a student, you can use TabChart to generate compelling images of formatted table and chart view and insert them into your thesis. As an App developer, you can use TabChart to keep track of your products. In addition, TabChart can be used to track inventory, manage shopping list, and many more. You can customize the chart and the format of the table. Please check the screenshots below! You can click the screenshot to get a full size image.

You can export your Excel files into CSV files and load into TabChart, and you can also import the CSV files you generated/modified from TabChart back into Excel. 

  • Import CSV files from Box.net, Dropbox, iTune Sync, or Open-In;
  • Create/view/edit CSV files;
  • Support useful formulas like SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, PRODUCT, STDEV, MEDIAN, Q1, Q3, SKEW, COEFVAR;
  • Support useful operators like "+-*/^";
  • Support large tables;
  • Support scrolling of a large table;
  • Insert/delete a row or a column;
  • Extended keyboard for easy editing (only available for iPad);
  • Generate 2D/3D pie chart;
  • Generate detached 3D pie chart;
  • Generate 2D/3D bar chart for a column or a row;
  • Generate 2D/3D stack bar chart for a spreadsheet table;
  • Generate line, area chart for a column or a row;
  • Generate horizontal 3D bar chart;
  • Generate Pareto chart;
  • Change color for each column or row;
  • Set alignment for a column! Most of the other more expensive Apps don't provide this!
  • Select from 8 different built-in table format;
  • Add note (yellow sticker) to a file or an individual cell of a spreadsheet;
  • Support table size up to 26x85 cells;
  • Export a chart into a JPG file;
  • Export formatted spreadsheet into a JPG file;
  • Export JPG file to Photo Album to print;
  • Full screen mode for spreadsheet editing, full screen mode for chart rendering, or half-table-half-chart mode (half-table-half-chart mode only available on iPad);
  • Support both landscape mode and portrait mode;
  • Email a CSV file or a JPG file;
  • File management and folder support, including creating/renaming/deleting folders and duplicating/renaming/moving/deleting files.
  • Full screen edit mode of portrait orientation:  

  • Detached 3D Pie Chart: 

  • 3D Pie Chart:
  • 2D Pie Chart:

  • 3D Horizontal Bar Chart:

  • Yellow sticker for note: Add a note as a reminder of the extra money spent for an iPad!

  • 3D stack column chart: Shown in half and half mode of Landscape orientation.

  • CSV file from Excel: The following is a CSV file exported directly from Excel 2011 on Mac and shown in TabChart. Please note that the Earning cell is a formula cell. This shows how TabChart can be used to keep track of products and earnings.

    Now switch to half-chart-half-table mode, and show 2D column chart. Data of one whole month is shown nicely in the chart.
    Or shown in an iPhone/iPod as:

  • Pareto chart:
  • 2D stack column:
  • Line chart of full screen landscape mode:
  • All line chart:
  • Area chart:
  • Customize settings: Please note that you can change color of the bars in the chart. You can also change the alignment of a column. As shown in the background, the Earning column has been changed into right-justification alignment. In addition, this view allows you to pick table styles. There are 8 built-in table styles. 
    Color Style: 8 color styles have been built-in, besides the default one. 
Or shown on an iPhone/iPod as:

  • File management: TabChart supports full file management. Files can be organized nicely into folders. You can create/rename/delete/duplicate/move folder or file. You can also upload files to Dropbox; export image to Photo Album of your iPad; and email a file to your client.
  • Email document: Once a table or a chart is exported into JPG files, you can email them out as shown in the following examples. This table is the CSV file above.

Or on an iPhone/iPod as:

Future improvement

  • Password protected file and folder;
  • Google Docs integration; 
If you want any new feature, PLEASE send me an email: encgoo@gmail.com. You feedback is greatly appreciated!

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