News - TAAI 2013

   6-8 December 2013
  1. July 1, 2015: Special issue for TAAI 2013 in Web Intelligence published on line: volume 13, number 2
  2. June 1, 2015: TAAI 2013 國內議程論文集 (國家圖書館 ISBN-978-1-4799-2528-5); Proceedings of 2013 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (domestic track)
  3. June 1, 2015: Proceedings of the international track, special sessions, and workshops indexed in EI Compendex (version Compendex Source List 2015March27 at $A$11123)
  4. June 1, 2015: Proceedings of the domestic track published and accessible at the National Central Library, ISBN-978-1-4799-2528-5) [TAAI 2013 國內議程論文集與光碟收錄於國家圖書館 ISBN-978-1-4799-2528-5]
  5. March 7, 2015: Selected papers of TAAI 2013 scheduled to appear in Web Intelligence 13(2) in July 2015 (announcement)
  6. January 9, 2015: Selected papers of TAAI 2013 appeared in the 2015 January issue of Journal of Information Science and Engineering 31(1) 
  7. April 28, 2014: Proceedings of the international track, special sessions, and workshops accessible on IEEE CSDL and IEEE Xplore 
  8. December 10: Proceedings of 2013 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence: papers of the international track and workshops published by a CPS proceedings (ISBN: 978-1-4799-2528-5)
  9. December 10: Proceedings of 2013 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (domestic track); 第十八屆人工智慧與應用研討會論文集 (國內議程) (ISBN: 978-986-03-8841-1)
  10. December 8: Accepted papers announced
  11. December 7: Awards announced
  12. December 7: Professor Nemhauser's keynote speech canceled due to delayed flights; slides available upon request for a limited period
  13. December 3: Special Issue CFP: Soft Computing Special Issue on Soft Computing for Knowledge Management and Web Applications
  14. December 1: Please notice that onsite registration will have to be paid by cash in Taiwanese dollars. We are sorry that we do not have the facility to accept credit cards onsite.
  15. November 27: The conference will *not* offer shuttle services between the conference venue and the MRT stations or hotels. We are confident that the public transportation in Taipei is good enough to serve the diverse needs of TAAI 2013 participants. International participants please do drop by "Getting to Venue" after you are in Taipei. It is strongly recommended that you take a look at the Conference Handbook or even download the handbook onto your mobile devices before your trip.
  16. November 21: The Best Paper Awards for both the international and domestic tracks and the Best IDE Awards will be presented during the banquet. 
  17. November 18: Instructions for presentations also available
  18. November 17: 國科會講習會時間、地點、講題、講習教授
  19. November 16: Registration (international, domestic, and NSC) was closed at 23:59 15 November GMT, but will re-open on Monday (18 November) for a couple of days for last minute participants. 
  20. November 16: Conference Handbook (a reasonable draft) available
  21. November 16: TAAI Dissertation & Thesis Awards announced
  22. November 11: Special notification to IDE exhibitors (IDE 參展團隊重要配合事項)
  23. November 8: We no longer accept submissions for NSC Exhibition. The deadline was 28 October. Please submit your work to NCS 2013.
  24. November 6: Presentation schedule for the domestic track available; please arrange and reserve time for your presentation (國內議程的會議時程已經公佈,煩請安排與保留您的時間出席報告)
  25. November 6: Authors of the domestic track and IDE: Please send copyright authorization form to us. (國內議程與系統展示的作者請利用電子郵件回傳論文出版授權書)
  26. November 4: TAAI 2013 program updated; presentation schedule for the international track, special sessions, and international workshops available; please arrange and reserve time for your presentation!
  27. November 3: JSAI 2014Matusyama, Ehime, Japan (愛媛県松山市), 12-15 May 2014. (Direct flights between Taipei and Matsuyama started from 11 October 2013.)
  28. November 1: Keynote Speech Information (titles and abstracts)
  29. November 1: ISBN for CPS proceedings: 978-1-4799-2528-5; ISBN for domestic proceedings: 978-986-03-8841-1
  30. November 1: All presentations for the international track, special sessions, and international workshops will take place on 6 or 7 December. There are invited talks on 6, 7, and 8 December.
  31. October 31: A program with more details will be available on November 4.
  32. October 28: Registration for students will not be opened until 29 October. Special discounts for students will remain effective until 15 November. (學生身分註冊將於10月29日開始,學生優惠的有效期也因此延期到11月15日。)
  33. October 28: All oral presentations for the international track, special sessions, and international workshops will be scheduled for 6 and 7 December. Almost all oral presentations for the domestic track will be scheduled for 8 December.
  34. October 28: Please note that you must register for papers accepted by the domestic track, even if you can waive the registration fee. Papers without proper registration are subject to elimination from the domestic proceedings. (即使您的國內議程論文不必付費註冊,您也必須在註冊系統登錄您的EasyChair論文編號。即使應該是免付註冊費,沒有經過適當地登錄註冊的論文,也會被刪除。)
  35. October 15: Acceptance notifications for the domestic track were sent on 14 October. Please let us know if you did not receive yours. (國內議程審稿結果已經寄出)
  36. October 15: IDE 原本規劃之學生互評,因本年度展件非常多元而取消
  37. October 14: Papers of IDE and System Demonstrations will be published only in the domestic proceedings this year.
  38. October 14: Acceptance notifications for the IDE submissions were sent today. Please let us know if you did not receive the review comments.
  39. October 13: FAQ:  Since PDF eXpress was closed, you have to choose "yes" when you are asked about whether you validated your PDF file with PDF eXpress, but you should actually make your file conform to the standards.
  40. October 13: FAQ: PDF eXpress was closed on 11 October. Here are the advises for how you may submit the final versions.
  41. October 12: Discounts for hotel reservations for TAAI 2013 participants
  42. October 12: Program overview available
  43. October 10 is a national holiday in Taiwan.
  44. October 8: Title and abstract of Prof. Lux's invited talk.
  45. October 8: We will notify authors who have not completed their registration these days.  Authors without a completed registration need to complete the process as soon as you can. We can wait for few days, but we have other constraints.
  46. October 7: Our accountant happens to take a day off, so we cannot check and confirm payment in a timely manner. Please keep working on your paper in the mean time. We will notify those authors who have problems in their registration and payment by 14 October.
  47. October 7: We will check the registration of authors and inform those who did not complete the procedure these days.
  48. October 5: Please check whether or not you are accessing the official website of TAAI 2013 before you register and upload final versions. Use information posted only on or on Some authors and participants, somehow, accessed a backup site of TAAI 2013. Information found there is not perfectly updated, and that caused confusion. If you found that some previously available links to TAAI 2013 became broken these days, chances are really high that you had been accessing our backup site for some time. 
  49. October 2: The confirmation for payment will appear in your account one day or two after the transaction. We cannot afford instant confirmation due to staff limits. To find the payment confirmation, please log into your account after completing the transactions and choose "Profile Modification & Payment Confirmation."
  50. October 1: Title and abstract of Ed H. Chi's invited talk 
  51. September 28: Questions about the publication of TAAI 2013 proceedings...
  52. September 28: FAQ: PDF eXpress in the paper submission site will begin to function on 30 September. Make sure your paper conforms to the CPS format.
  53. September 28: JSAI 2014: Matusyama, Ehime, Japan (愛媛県松山市), 12-15 May 2014. (Direct flights between Taipei and Matsuyama will start from 11 October 2013.)
  54. September 26: PAKDD 2014 submission deadline extended to 8 October.
  55. September 26: FAQ: Some fields in the registration form might not be necessary for you ...
  56. September 25: FAQ: PDF eXpress in the paper submission site has not started to work yet. Please wait for a few days before you check your paper format. In the mean time, please use the format settings in the CPS template strictly.
  57. September 25: Please note the extended due dates for final versions.
  58. September 24: Final version due 14 Oct.; submission site: ; Full registration for authors due 7 October
  59. September 22: Please note that the exact deadlines for uploading final versions and completing full registrations will be announced shortly. In the meantime, please revise accepted papers according to the CPS templates strictly.
  60. September 22: Acceptance notifications for international workshops were sent today. Please let us know if you did not receive yours. Other acceptance notifications will be delivered on the 23rd.
  61. September 19, 2013: Titles and abstracts of invited talks: Professor Nemhauser and Professor Tsuruoka.
  62. September 9, 2013: Please be reminded that the no-show rule of CPS will be applied to CPS publication and that a new no-show rule will be applied to publication for the domestic track. (國內議程的出版將採用新的 no-show 規則。)
  63. September 6, 2013: Professor Tsuruoka will deliver an invited talk at TAAI 2013.
  64. August 31, 2013:
    • TAAI 與 JSAI 的學者的交流進入一個新的里程碑,2013年有非常積極的互訪活動,預計有達到、甚至超過 20 位的 JSAI 學者將參與 TAAI 2013 的 AIISIHB,是您與日本學者交流甚至洽談合作的極好機會。(Many JSAI researchers are participating TAAI 2013. Domestic and international researchers are strongly encouraged to participate in AIIS and IHB for possible cooperation opportunities with JSAI researchers.)
    • TAAI 2013 國際活動的稿源來自於 26 個不同國家,歡迎國內學者積極投稿國內議程或者系統展示,掌握這一難得的國際交流活動。(Submissions to the international activities in TAAI 2013 came from 26 different countries. Domestic researchers are strongly encouraged to participate and exchange their ideas with international researchers.)
  65. August 30, 2013: Call for papers: PAKDD 2014 in Taiwan (submission due: 1 October 2013)
  66. August 28, 2013: FAQ: You need not withdraw your submission to submit a revised version. There is a "Submit a new version" link in EasyChair for this purpose.
  67. August 27, 2013: Submission deadlines for domestic track and IDE (demo track) extended, respectively, to 15 and 30 September
  68. August 23, 2013: Having authors from 19 countries so far is a good indicator for the international nature of TAAI. 
  69. August 9, 2013: Submission deadlines for the International track (including special sessions AIIS and IHB) and international workshops (if aiming for publication with CPS  are extended to 23:59 August 30, 2013 GMT. This is a firm deadline for meeting the publication schedule of CPS.
  70. August 2, 2013: Good reasons to visit Taipei, Taiwan...
  71. July 23, 2013: FAQ: Yes, the domestic track accepts papers written in either Chinese or English. (國內議程與智慧設計展接受中、英文論文稿件)
  72. July 19, 2013: (very important!!!New schedule for international track, special sessions, and international workshops announced
  73. July 17, 2013: Due to the need to meet the publication schedule of CPS, we will have to collect final versions for all papers for the international track, special sessions, and international workshops by 30 September 2013. Hence, please be advised that there is little room for extending the submission deadlines. The current time table will be revised and announced shortly.
  74. July 16, 2013: Call for participation of TAAI 2013 (photo1 and photo2) in Fuzz IEEE 2013 (Hyderabad, India)
  75. July 11, 2013: Call for participation of TAAI 2013 in IEEE SNPD 2013 (Hononlulu, Hawaii, USA)
  76. July 7, 2013: Two special sessions in the main conference: Advanced Interaction for Intelligent Systems and Influencing Human's Behavior. Both sessions are open to international submissions.
  77. July 6, 2013: Prof. Dr. Thomas Lux will deliver an invited speech at TAAI 2013
  78. June 30, 2013: Computer Chinese Go player beats a professional  human expert in 9x9 games (九路圍棋賽 東華七號打敗職業棋士)
  79. June 27, 2013: ACML 2013 CFP
  80. June 18, 2013: TAAI 2013 in NTCIR-10 (Tokyo, Japan)
  81. June 4, 2013: TAAI 2013 in 27th JSAI annual meeting (Toyama, Japan)
  82. June 1, 2013: TAAI 2013 is one of the major exhibition sites for the NSC research projects on Intelligent systems. (國科會智慧計算學門成果發表會暨新進人員研習會)
  83. May 25, 2013:
  84. May 13, 2013:
    • Soft Computing (SCIE) agrees to accept referrals of excellent TAAI 2013 papers
    • (partial) Panelists for the panel discussion on Big Data and Social Computing
  85. May 5, 2013:
  86. April 25, 2013:
  87. April 22, 2013: In-cooperation with ACM SIGART, support of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
  88. April 13, 2013: Intelligence & Design Exhibition: Call for submission
  89. April 3, 2013: 2013 AI Forum: Call for participation
  90. March 20, 2013: Informative version and brief version of Calls for TAAI 2013 Activities announced
  91. March 16, 2013: TAAI participation in Internationally-Organized Sessions in the 27th annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence:  IOS-2: Computer Games and Computational Intelligence and IOS-3: Intelligent Data Analysis and Applications
  92. March 15, 2013: CFP for CCB workshop updated (Workshop on Computational, Cognitive and Behavioral Social Science)
  93. March 10, 2013: Due dates for submission, review, and registration of manuscripts, demonstrations, and tournaments announced
  94. March 5, 2013: Call for Demos/Exhibition available
  95. February 21, 2013: CFP for the international track available
  96. February 18, 2013: CFP for the domestic track available
  97. February 3, 2013: Specific information about computer-computer game tournaments released
  98. January 25, 2013: CFP for IWCG workshop available (Workshop on Computer Games)
  99. January 25, 2013: Updates about game tournaments 
  100. January 25, 2013: Web site for HCC workshop started (Workshop on Human-Centric Computing)
  101. January 25, 2013: CFP for TAEA workshop available (Workshop on Theory and Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms)
  102. January 20, 2013: The conference will take place during 6-8 December 2013.
  103. November 17, 2012: TAAI executive board approved NCCU-CS' bid for TAAI 2013
  104. November 17, 2012: presentation at the TAAI executive board meeting
  105. November 15, 2012: a report at the faculty meeting of the Department of Computer Science
  106. November 8, 2012: NCCU-CS preliminary approval of bidding for TAAI 2013, TAAI 2013 homepage started, EasyChair account installed, gmail account acquired


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