STEMS for Vocabulary

Knowing the parts of words and their definitions is a key skill that helps students infer what unfamiliar words mean as they are reading.  Therefore, I will be teaching and students will be learning, interacting with, and applying knowledge of word parts and their meanings to enhance their understanding of vocabulary.

HERE are the STEMS as they appear on Study Stack

Week 1 Verbs and Actions
Week 2 Verbs and Actions
Week 3 War Peace and Power
Week 4 Light, Darkness, Color
Week 5 Change
Week 6 Shape
Week 7 Movement
Week 8 Compare and Contrast
Week 9 Locations and Position
Week 10 Feelings and Emotions
Week 11 Time Sequence Life
Week 12 Senses
Week 13 Body Parts
Week 14 Parts of Things
Week 15 Science, Space, and Big Ideas
Week 16 Increase and Decrease
Week 17 Family and Relationships
Week 18 Math and Numbers
Week 19 Moving Forward and Motivation
Week 20 Literary Lingo
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