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2008-01-07: UPDATE:  I arrived back home, In a few weeks I'll be continuing this. 

2008-01-30: UPDATE
Now that things are rolling the way they should, I continued working on the subwoofers. I took apart the major part of the case and put it all back together with a pinch of glue in between. On the front I mounted a Manometer and air-input to test if it is airtight.


Finally the compulsory christmas holidays are paying off. So with the help from my father, who did most of the work. We built the enclosures as we went.... measuring calculating and fitting. Now the cases fit perfect in line and the necessary 20liters are respected. halfway through I remembered to shoot some pics.

on the left the prototype,
on the right "the real deal"

Big thanks again Goes out to my father -I.V.O. for the work. And my stepfather Olaf for the use of the machinery in his workshop.
Next step will be to cut out the holes for the speakers, but after the holidays....
I made a prototype for the subwoofer. Now I have the external measurements I can start building the real deal. 
I'll Be back in a few months.