Ikea LED strips

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At Ikea you can get "Dioder"

A lot can be done with these strips, the colour is a bit cold but just add a strip LEE 204 (CTO) filter or other colour to create the best mood.

More to come

2008-02-03 UPDATE:

 Already some time ago, I installed these strips under the dashboard and in the door below the sidepocket. Around it, I wrapped a LEE106 colour filter this makes the light "primary red" and it matches the OEM interior dashboard lights. So when I open my door a bright red light is lighting up the door and ground beneith it. (it's safe and practic, no more muddy feet)


Also I used some of them 25 cm strips to have some work light, 8 of them in line, squeezed into an adhesive cable channel Makes an excellent lightbatten.