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That was it, the long weekend is over and so am I. Damned, how I worked my arse off. I've prepared the 12mm plywood for constructing the rest of the floorcasing aroud the van, drilled holes and used a router to get the right shape. I've glued the red carpet to the sidings for insulation and also for the looks. and I started worrying about the dimensions for the subwoofers.

I still need to figure out a way to close everything up and I'm still not sure weither or not to carpet the inside of the box as well.



I started with covering the wheelcasing. some 9mm MDF board both bendable and stiff will do the trick just fine.

with a bit of glue and a few screws all this should stay where it is.

below, you can see that also the corner in the left is ready.

  with the front plate in place of it, it looks like this.




You can see on the right pic, there is a metal part to mount a seatbelt. I don't want to mount a seatbelt, I want space...


The time is ripe to cut some unnecesarry metal.

With Results... I've also trimmed the edges where the two sheets of metal have been welded together.

Next, I glued carpet on the sidings and wheelcase, both for Insulation and sound absorbsion. The bolts you see are for the sliding door, and preferably kept accesible.


After that a 3mm plywood board covered with carpet, to serve as the rear for the case and to protect my bodywork. I left an edge of about 6cm to fix the board to the upper part. (that comes later)

this is a closer view where you can see the edge I also removed the carpet on the side, on the next picture, I installed for now a left over from the old siding. the idea is that this upper part will have a door and can serve as storage for smaller stuff.

That is also how it looks after the rigging holes have been cut out, and the gap where the subwoofer needs to fit.


I finished up by glueing carpet on the inside of the casing 

That's how far I got, Here is a preview of how the final layout will be. Where the Subwoofer should come I placed already the front plate, Next I should cut out the holes for the woofer. but that's a next chapter