PhoCo working
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Waaw, 2 updates from Centrafuse this weekend, David must have insomnia...

 Good job David, big thanks.


Now let's spend the weekend in the car, playing with some software.
First Reinstall bluetooth drivers.  I have an Epox BT dongle with Widcomm drivers. this is working fine but PhoCo doesn't like the driver. It needs at least v.5. So I used the Broadcom initial update.exe to get the new drivers, but this didn't work. "error, no device plugged in"

Finally I found a set of 5.0.8 drivers for some logitec device. the BT manager is not fully working but the drivers are, that's the most important.

Now I got Phonecontrol to work properly, except that I still can't dial out from the carPC, when I dial from the phone everything works fine. Now I just need to install a microphone on a usb soundcard, which I ordered from eBay already yesterday.

Pitty for the poor Bluetooth audio quality, but that's not Zorro's fault. Speaking of which, he created a new skin for Centrafuse while testing version 2 of his visual designer.