Bed ver. 1.1
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I started to work out how the bed should work. it should be a bed, a couch, a 2nd floor, and most of all, easaly removable.


Here's a view from the rearside, since the sidings are not ready yet, the strips of pinewood will rest on the old siding until I started finishing the new side cases.

To bridge the gap of the the sliding door on the right, I made a small box fitting between the wheelcase and dooropening.

From this Box, a beam of 3 x 4cm goes to the front, right behind the passenger seat.

With this in place I can continue to install the strips of wood also in front of the door. The beam can slide backwards when the bed is in cauch position, or not installed. In this way the slidingdoor becomes accesible to walk in and out.




....To Be Continued....


EDIT: (summer 2008) We are now in production with bed v.2.0. Because the siding is finished, It's a more practical construction: sliding, folding and removable in just a few seconds. It needs some further modification, but I will stick with this release for a while.

Pictures to come later