Type4 Worklog

Worklog on the changes made to my Volkswagen Transporter Type4 Van


I will try to keep track of all the modifications and work I perform in the car. I appologise for the bad quality pictures, this is due to the poor quality of the camera on my Qtek smartphone. And because I usually forget to bring a good camera. For the same reason there are also a lot of gaps in the log. I just keep on working without taking pictures.


            2010-11-09: Much has happened in the meanwhile but hardly have been documented.

My Xenarc 700TSV Touchscreen monitor started to flicker. really strange shit was happening. I did an attempt to repair it. more...

Finally I'm back home from the Christmas rush, After a full week of waiting (it was raining outside) I installed Angel-Headlights on my van. more...

While being home for Christmas I might as well do something usefull. how about finishing off the subwoofers? more...

Before going home for the christmas holidays, I have to finish the prototype for my subwoofers, So with some left-overs of wood i put together something that should give a good impression of the shape needed.more...

Waaw, 3 updates from Centrafuse this week, David must have insomnia... Good job David, big thanks.
It's getting cold this time of year, so let's take the electric heater from the bathroom, place it in the car and off we go for a full day of configuring and playing with the software.

I used my lunchbreak to go and buy a new router. Finally I could only choose between Bosh and Black&Decker, or some local brand.
waaw, what a selection!!! :o(

-I baught aBosch.....

I should realy find a place here in Italy where to get good material...

Again a weekend passed by, I made the panel for the left side. I only need to drill the holes and finish them off. The rest I've done already last weekend, before I can finish them, I'll have to go and buy a new router since the old one is broken. I have to make also on this side a casing with flexible MDF. I decided to finish of also the inside of the casing with carpet.

That was it, the long weekend is over and so am I. Damned how I worked my arse off. I've prepared the 12mm plywood for constructing the rest of the floorcasing aroud the van drilled holes and milled out the exact shape. I've glued the red carpet to the sidings for insulation and also for the looks. and I started worrying about the dimensions for the subwoofers. more...

A long weekend is ahead, time to go shopping. I need: Carpet, 3mm plywood, contact glue and some bolts and screws.

Finally I get a chance to buy 12mm plywood I have it cut immediately at my fathers workshop.

I Found chrome Rings for my speedo on e-bay, 19€. more...

Let's go shopping, 30€ for a fridge, a threesome interior LED's to replace the original C10W osram bulbs, and those "Dioder" strips from Ikea are pretty need to install in the door and as floorlights. A  Lee 026 color sleeve, makes the finishing touch. I also Installed 3 of them behind the grill in front. more...

Cool gadgets around on e-Bay again, this time I found some ventilation grill to fit insde the window slot of driver and passenger. Strategicly add some Velcro here and there and ask the girlfriend to stich some velcro on some sheets of windshield isolation (the reflecting aluminium stuff) And privacy we are ready for go. 

E-Bay Rocks, I just bought an ELM 327 Scantool for monitoring ODB-II via the CarPC. All this without moving my lazy arse.

Some day's off are ahead, it ought to become time for me to start creating a first draft for a bed. For now some strips of pinewood from the local DIY will do. more...

Damn! Just came back from the deaer for a big service. Sais the guy in the greasy overall: &quote;that 'll be 1084€ in total.&quote; -ouch- I pay the guy and have dried bread for supper, lunch and breakfast for two weeks.

Later-on I hear that this is a reasonable price for the works done.

I'm doing just some small stuff here and there. Added a few Fuses 30A 60A and 80A, added a voltage and current meter for monitoring auxilairy battery.

I'm finally ready building the case for the electrical stuff. I've also installed the new PC, amps, and re-did all the cabling. Everything should be as I want. At least, I hope...

I bought a new PC to serve as a CarPC.It's a Dell... Optiplex GX270 PIV 2.8Ghz with 512MB Ram. I bought also a new ATX PSU 300W on 12Vdc

Today I purchased some MDF wood to construct the case with compartments for CarPC, Amplifier and power sections.

What a nice weekend, let's cut out the metal wall that separates the cockpit from the cabin. more...

Cleaning out the old crap which was installed by the dealer 3 years ago (Blaupunkt DAB headunit, Bluapunkt Navigation system, Car Alarm). And do a quick install of the carpc with only the necesarry features. So I can drive back to Italy and do the rest at home.

Added a second lead acid battery and Microcontroller switch

(Cheers to my brother Bert for helping out at his workshop)

I took the weekend off, drove the Fuct to Belgium and bought a new car.

It's a VW Transporter Type 4 Generation 4-  May 2003 - 2.5 L tdi 102hp Central door locking, Electrical windows and mirrors, Airbag, ABS, ESP, Electric sliding roof, comfort seats, foglights, cruise control. And much more to come.....