Little Italy

New York's Italian Neighborhood


Little Italy is known to be the heart of Italian culture.  There are two major areas in New York City that defines "Little Italy."  They are known to be in two boroughs of New York City.


One area is in lower Manhattan.  Years ago, it extended north to Bleecker, south to Bayard Street, east to Bowery Street and west to Lafayette Street.  The modern day Little Italy is known to be mainly between Mulberry, Houston, Canal and Broadway.

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The second area is in the Bronx.  It is located in the Fordham section of New York City on Arthur Avenue.  Most of the history, commercial, and businesses are on Arthur Avenue, but the Little Italy area also extends to Belmont Avenue, Prospect Avenue and East 187th Street.

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Between 1892 and 1930, approximately 4 million Italians came through Ellis Island.  Italians came to America for freedom and opportunities.

The Italian American population has grown drastically and there are appromixately 15.9 million Italians living in the U.S. today!



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