Suppliers of Parts link


Knnny from Maryland send me an email with a source for a rebuild kit he bought that was high quality.  See my parts reference page for the full email.  Here is his source:

"I bought the rebuild kit from Endurance Power Products, 6200 Arbor Road , Lincoln, NE 68517-9701. Phone number 1-800-467-5545" 
 No pistons though. 


SEATS-I believe this 340 seat will fit the early crawlers.  If someone knows for sure let me know


I found a local supplier of planetary steering brake linings (part no 304 832 R2).  I am in the process of ordering them now.  I will let you know how they work out.   It sure is a lot less expensive than going to a dealer thats for sure ($30 each vs $95 each). 

Email me for the shops number. 

They said that they do not put the metal backing on the linings and the pads are a total of 5/32" because of that.  I guess he gets an order once or twice a year from what he said. 



Anyone have any input with anything else please email me