The serial number tag should be under the volage regulator on the transmission bell housing.


My serial number is #2712 on my good gas machine which would make it a 1960 model.  It is located in Pennsylvania. 

I will have to get my serial from the parts machine.  I know it is a later model as it has five rollers(I think all after 5396 were five rollers)




I am from Pennsylvania and own a 1960 T-340 serial number 2712 with a 4in1 bucket. 

Ray from California  has a 1959 T-340 serial number 1425 4in1 bucket(one strange thing is it is a five roller machine)


Pat from NY has two machines.  One is a dozer serial 7058(1963) and the other is a 4in1 serial 7014(1963 also).





From a printout of Glens website

Year     serial

1959    501-1978

1960    1979-4339

1961    4330-5449

1962    5450-6399

1963    6400-7337

1964    7338-8524

1964     8525 to  ???


This  listing includes both Gas and Diesel


Please send your serial numbers and your state and if it is a gas or diesel and if it is operational so that I can see how many machines are out there still running.  If you know of one pass on my email.  Thanks