Rod from South Carolina tearing his idler apart to repair a worn pin

Rod was kind enough to take time out to take pictures while repairing his idler which had a worn pin.  Make sure that you keep the idlers maintained as per the operators manual:


"Move the tractor until the lubricating filler plug on the idler hub is located 30 to 40 deg above a horizontal plane to allow for expansion of the lubricant.  Remove the plug.  Clean the plug threads with permatex #2.  Add lubricant until it reaches the level of the filler plug hole.  Reinstall and tighten the plug.  Torque to 40 ftlbs max.  The lubricant as specified in the manual is International MPL(Multipurpose Type Gear Lubricant) 140 weight above 32 deg F and 80 weight below 32deg F."  If the idlers are not kept lubricated you can expect problems.    According to the Operators manual, it should be checked every 10 hours of operation.  That would make it one of the most frequently checked item on the lubrication chart.  The previous owners of the 340 probably did not keep it lubricated once the idler seal started to leak and ran it dry.   It is the same on my machine.   I know some diehards might not agree, but I am thinking about putting a grease fitting on my plug and just pumping it full of grease instead of Gear oil.  This is what I did with the rollers.  Any thoughts from old timer mechanics out there?


This is how Rod  removed the pin from the idler.  First he removed the support arm from the idler, then the seals.  Once the seals were removed you can see the grease holes that keep the area lubricated.  Then he removed the pin and cleaned the bushings.  A couple of the pictures show why there was so much "play" in the wheel -- the pin was worn down so much, so the bushing was not effective.  He's going to try and fab a new pin and then should be ok. He said he would keep us posted

















Notice the excessive wear on the pin below. 



THANKS ROD.  Now this is what I am talking about when I am looking for Maintenance pictures.