Kenny from Maryland provided me with some NAPA part numbers for filters for his TD340.  At least the hydraulic filter would be the same for the T-340.  Anyone have the info for the t-340 email me. 

He also supplied information on where he purchased his rebuild kit.  I cut and pasted his email for everyone.  I may also paste this info on the parts page

I bought the rebuild kit from Endurance Power Products, 6200 Arbor Road , Lincoln, NE 68517-9701. Phone number 1-800-467-5545 they were very helpful, they didn't have new pistons, but I bought four new liners, ring set, main & rod bearings and a full gasket set for under seven hundred dollars, and thats the cheapest I found on individual prices.
 The kit came with quality parts,( in my opinion) Victor gaskets and Clevite bearings. I found the liner shims at Hoober Case/international dealer, in Seaford Delaware, here are the part numbers for the shims, 320000R1 for .003 and 320018R1 for .005 . My machine is a TD-340 with the d-166 diesel engine, and the service manual calls for .002-.005. liner height above crankcase, which I set with a dial indicator, thats what the shims are needed for.
Here are some Napa part numbers for the filters on a TD-340, that I found on Yesterday's Tractor forum. First are the International number, followed by the Napa number. Air filter 313964R919( NAPA 2505) , Oil filter 279994R91-(NAPA 1151), Fuel filter 304101R91-(NAPA 3080), Hydraulic filter 375085R91-(NAPA 1139). I hope this information can help other TD-340 owners, my serial number is TD-340-3589,
THanks for the info Kenny