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Below is a picture of a homemade roller lubricator(substitute for part no 310 944 R91).  It is a simple 7 inch piece of stainless 3/8 tubing clamped to a clear tubing which I clamp to a grease gun.   You shoot the grease in to the roller and the old grease comes around the outside of the stainless tubing.  I don't use the OEM grease.  I just put regular chassis grease in them because the seals are not the greatest on some of my rollers.  OEM It was a heavy oil in the rollers.  I figured that grease is better than nothing if the oil rolled out.  I do have some tight rollers on my parts machine that may end up on my good machine. 









 I finally got my steering planetary cover rigged off.  I had to check my sun gear brake pads and also my pressure spring because I suspected that something was wrong because the adjusting nut was backing out of the case.  It has a problem with a snap ring.  More to come.....  Its late.  This is how I rigged it when I did the lift. 


 Here is my little helper operating the chainfall for me when lifting off the planetary steering cover.  Without her I could not have taken it off.  Only problem was she wanted to keep petting the dogs during worktime. 




 Here is steering clutch spring adjusting screw(307 421 R2).    It was missing the snap ring on the bottom and the top snap ring has worked its way down to the threads.  Was not helping at all.  Later models appear to have gotten rid of the snap rings and put roll pins and washers on the screw.  It must have been a common failure on the 1959 and 1960 models.






A few pictures of the inside of the planetary steering cover.  I took I experienced slipping and wanted to rule out the main clutch.  My adjustment bolt was not acting right(coming out of the case and I discovered a snap ring was riding up the threads of the adjustment bolt.  You can see in the pictures that my inside planetary brakes are also shot  I will organize these pictures better in the near future.   UPDATE:  I found a source for the brake linings today(3/29/07).  See my parts page




I was having problems getting the taper pins(part no 259 214 R1).  I finally got them out.  Thanks MMI from forums.  BE VERY CAREFUL if you take them out as they have very fragile fine threads and the metal seems to be very soft.  I nicked a couple of threads and contacted a dealer.  $105 each!  Highway robbery.  I will make the old ones work.  They are not that bad.  The dealer wanted $95 for the brake linings that I am able to get custom made for $30. 



Here are closeups of the inside planetary brake shoes with lining. ( Part number 306 831 R23).  Notice they are down to metal(no lining left)








Here are closeups of the backup shoe with a lot less wear.  (Part no 306 832 R21). 



I guess when the spring did not exert enough pressure it wears the inside faster than the outside when the sun gear turn under a heavy load. 



steering clutch eccentric shaft(part no 306 837 R1)



These are the brass thrust washers(306 838 R2 and 306 843 R1)




 TODAY 4/6/07 I got the brakes relined I made a 100 mile road trip with my Dad, dropped off the shoes, went to Pizza Hut and returned after a couple hours and picked up the shoes with new linings.  I will post pictures soon.  Total cost was $160(30 for parts and $10 for labor each).  I am very pleased.  They riveted them and and bonded them.  I think it will work well. 



Above is the side view showing how thin the linings actually are when new.  The thickness of the orginal linings is 1/8 inch with a 1/32 metal plate.  My new pad is 5/32 with no backing. 


Above is a top view of the outside plate.  Notice I have to cut or file the brake linings for the guide holes.  They would have done it at the shop, but I told them I was able to do it myself to get home earlier.  I will use a hole saw I believe. 

Above is another side view. 


Above is a top view of the inner shoe and lining