Mahoning Outdoor Wood Stove

This is a picture of my outdoor woodstove before I finished covering up the piping ditch.  I used my T340 to lift the stove off of the trailer and install it on the pad.  I love it.  It heats my domestic hot water in addition to my house.  I have baseboard heat and an oil furnace as a backupWe have many old oak trees that were killed by gypsy moths and with the tractor and crawler, I can get up on the mountain and drag them right to the woodstove to be cut into 3-4 foot lengths to burn.  The ditch is 108 feet.  Notice the rocks in our area.   I used the 340 to haul many of them away.  The kids could not wait to load up another bucket after school(not)  Anyone want some rocks.  I will give them to you.