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Seussical, the Musical



The Musical

Based on the writings of Dr. Seuss

With special permission from Theatre Music International

(In Order of Appearance)

Jojo – Andy Keck

Cat in the Hat – Nelson Luehrs

Horton the Elephant – River Denman

Gertrude McFuzz – Madeline Powell

Mayzie la Bird – Dawn Sheeley

The Sour Kangaroo – Beth Hicks

Young Kangaroo – Lydia Lowe

Bird Girls –

Gabbie Brown, Josie Gibbons, Kayla Peterson, Amber Wilkins

Wickersham Brothers

Eduardo Aranda, Skylar Denman, Zach Miller, Ray Stump

Jungle Citizens – Ale Castaneda, Elle Castaneda, Chance Chester,

Caitlin Cook, Adam Abad, Allen Abad, Kelsi Davidson, Denver Edwards, Hannah Harper, Amelia Kurtz, Elsa Perez and Stephanie Sanchez

Mr. Mayor – Duffy Coyle

Mrs. Mayor - Ashley Smith

General Genghis Schmitz – Victor Pelley

The Grinch – Ryan Tackett

Cindy Lou Who - Alyson Baker

Who Child #2- Larry Hicks

Who Children #1, #4, #5- Lauren Baker, Nate Powell, Bergen Tom

Citizens of Whoville – Matt Buckler, Chin-ling Chang, Kennedy Jones,

Jenny Perea, Alyson Baker, Lauren Baker, Cheyenne Byall,

Emily Durham, Larry Hicks, Kirstin Knox, Ben Powell, Nate Powell,

Ashlyn Stump and Bergen Tom

Cadets – Matt Buckler, Chance Chester, Larry Hicks, Ben Powell,

Nate Powell and Ryan Tackett

Vlad Vladikoff – Chance Chester

Yertle the Turtle – Skylar Denman

Thing One – Lis Powell*

Thing Two – Isaac Sheeley


Music Director ... Karena L. Wilkinson*

Director ... Cliff I. Schwartz*

Assistant to the Directors ... Amy B. Dreibelbis*

Stage Manager ... Amber Driscoll*

Assistant Stage Manager ... Lis Powell*

House Manager … Katie Moreno*

Sound …Bryan Bechtold*

Lights … Tanner O’Brien*

Tech Crew … James Adcox, Lane Leitch, Nick Schroeder, Craig Weaver

Running Crew …, Brady Coates, Ali Garza and Tiffany Jaramillo,

Costumes … Lis Powell *

Hair & Make-up … Diana Torres, Juana Gutierrez

Pit … Jon Goodyear, Jaden Kreft

 Choreographer … Carlos Ibarra*(WN ‘10)

Cliff Schwartz,
Sep 22, 2011, 5:07 PM