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Current Show: Aida

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West Noble High School's theatre troupe, Theatre33, has been working on the Winter Musical, AIDA, by Elton John and Tim Rice.  AIDA is set to perform January 18-20, 2013. Join us to explore the contemporary musical about a timeless love story set in ancient Egypt.

            Aida (pronounced eye-ee-duh)  is a Nubian Princess who has been captured by an Egyptian Army Captain, Radames.  As the plot unfolds, Aida captures his heart.

Every Saturday the cast and crew work on the stage to construct, build, and paint the set for the show.  Crew members also work during the rehearsals on projects like painting the road signs that we always place at Bob Wysong Auto Sales, Subway and El Paraiso. You will soon see our creatively designed Aida road signs.

With the love story in mind we have sketched, painted, and outlined the setting for our play. We hope you get the chance to see what all our hard work has brought to the West Noble stage. Join us as we walk though a world of magic. Brought to life by our directors Cliff Schwartz, Amy Dreibelbis, and our new music director and dance coordinator Megan Murphy. Join us January 18-20, 2013 at West Noble High School.



AMNERIS:  Amber Wilkins

RADAMES:  River Denman

AIDA:  Dawn Sheeley

MEREB:  Duffy Coyle

ZOSER:  Skylar Denman

PHARAOH: Nelson Luehrs

NEHEBKA:  Lauren Durbin

AMONASRO:  Alex Alcalá


Chorus (listed alphabetically):

Ministers, Soldiers, Egyptians, Guards, Nubians, Chic Museum Crowd, Courtiers, and Merchants:

Alex Alcalá

Eduardo Aranda

Marcus Henderson

Kody Leitch

Nelson Luehrs

Carlos Medina


Egyptian Women, Nubians, Chic Museum Crowd, Courtiers, Servants, Water Women, and Hand Maidens:

Alexis Alcalá

Gabbie Brown

Sarah Buchanan

Sammy Coates

Kelsi Davidson

Lauren Durbin

Ali Garza

Tiffany Jaramillo

Grace Ness

Strongest Suit Quartet:  


Alexis Alcalá
Gabbie Brown
Sarah Buchanan
Sammy Coates



Music Director:  Megan Murphy

Director:  Cliff Schwartz

Assistant Director:  Amy Dreibelbis

Stage Manager:  Sarah Buttgen

Assistant Stage Manager: Maria Carrillo

House Manager: Ali Garza

Hair & Make-up Design/ Costume Captain: Eduardo Aranda


Additional Crew:

Kaeli Hart

Jeanette Hurtado

Beth Lee

Yari Barrientos

Christina Coats

Brittany Pyle

Derrick Click

Alan Luehrs

 Music Director Megan Murphy
Directors Cliff Schwartz and Amy Dreibelbis

Cliff Schwartz,
Dec 11, 2012, 10:45 AM