Great Lakes area Chapter Advisory Team

Introduction Our CAT meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of each month, these serve all Theta Tau Alumni in the Greater Detroit Area.
  • Please participate either in person, or add to the Agenda anything you would like us to discuss at this meeting.

Monthly Luncheon
This is an initiative by alumni to mentor active members, any alumni may sign-up to mentor an active member.
  • The decision was made in March 2012 to assign each Adviser to mentor a specific leader for each active chapter.
  • The CAT will maintain a list of Advisers for each active chapter, and one associated active member. We can document here our conversations with active, to help advisers collaborate.
Active Projects
Great Lakes area, Cooperatively Aligned Technology
  • This is the overall administrative level to ensure that committees and sub-projects are in alignment, principally responsible for tracking assets.
Great Lakes area, Charters and Tours
  • This chair plans rentals and trips.
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