July 27th and 28th

Leah Allinger, professional Beach Volleyball player and coach is coming to Kelowna for two days only to help T2 Volleyball run an amazing camp. We are going to take only a certain amount of kids so please register soon as it will fill up fast. You will have a chance to watch the coaches play at the PenCITY Open July 24th and 25th and then get some amazing coaching from them personally for the two day camp. 

The Cost of the camp is 30$ per day or 50$ for the two days. We would like people to register for both days this is why you get a bit of a deal for the two. 

The Camp is at City Park and goes from 9am-10:30 am then noon-130pm. We will split the players into gender and levels. Register as a team or individually.

Email for details and/or to register.

TEAM FRINGE (Thomas/Adams) Fundraiser Pre-Beach CAMP
-after school camp

Date: MAY 26th and 27th
Purpose: Get the kids who are planning on trying out for T2 Elite Beach Club and other indoor teams on the 29th and 30th some touches and ready for their tryouts. 

All Ages: Its mostly individual skill drills and some two on two work with teams and players so all players and ages can play at the camp. We will have several nets for the different heights that the players will be playing on.

Coaches: Tammy Thomas and co.
Location: City Park
Time: 4pm-7pm

WEATHER PENDING: This means that if its drizzling rain but not that cold, we will still go. Since you will have to know how to play in a little rain and wind. Its part of the game. So long as the safety of everyone is not at risk, aka there is no lightening, snow, or hail. 

Early Registration: 50$ per player if registered by May 19th. 
Later Registration: 65$ per player if registered after 5pm on May 19th. I will take registrations up until 9pm on Tuesday, May 25th. 

If you can make only one day, let me know and we will work out a different camp cost. 

EMAIL to register or inquire about the camp. 

See you on the beach!!

Tammy Thomas
CEO T2 Beach Volleyball 

T2 Team Canada Fundraiser Volleyball Camp

November 8th (one day with lots of play)

Age Categories : Learning to Play (U-15, U-14, U-13) Early Morning Session and Early Afternoon session
                        Learning t o Game (U-18, U -17, U-16) Later morning session and Later Afternoon Session

1st session 2.5 hours
A general teaching of all skills. It is important for all players/possitions to learn all the skills of volleyball. I teach all of my sessions with intensity and passion. I expect my players to learn with both these assets as well. The first day we will work on gaining confidence for the game in all of its aspects (passing, setting, serving (jump and float), hitting and blocking). We will have a tonne of fun but I will also push the athletes to their full potential.

Second session (sunday) 2.5 hours
A specialized teaching for certain possitions. If I have a large number of setters I will bring in a top level setter to teach the athletes who want to get to the next level of setting. I will myself run the passers, power hitters and serving specialized sessions. We will break the players up into their possitions and work with them individually. If blocking and middle is your specialty there will also be a middle coach available if there are enough players. If there are only a few I will work with you as middles.

Homework (sunday sessions)
I am going to be giving out a link online for the players to watch saturday night, before their sessions, and they will be expected to watch the video with intent to learning something from the players on the clip. Each player will be given an assignment to do on the clip which will help them in being the best player they can.

After Volleyball Work out
I will have a workout plan for volleyball athletes to give out to the athletes. I got this from a specialized trainer that I am going to be working with this offseason. It is a good work out program that you wont be able to get anywhere else but at this camp.

Registration and Fees:
Please email to register you or your daugher/son for the camp. Boys and Girls will be broken up if there are enough, or if the older kids can mannage they will be joined, which i find beneficial for both genders (the boys work harder when girls are against them, since they cant bare to be out worked by girls, and girls play harder since, well lets face it... puberty).
I am going to have limited edition T2 Team Canada T-Shirts for the kids, and that is included in the cost of the camp!!
Cost: $100/player (included is 5 hours of coaching, Volleyball WorkOUT, Tshirt, and confidence for the game)
Shirts: Will be for sale for 25$ for those who want to buy more (aka for sisters, brothers, moms, dads, or...yourself)

Location: Gym in Kelowna (will post or email you the exact gym once I secure the gym we will use) LIKELY will be KSS.

Please encourage your teammates and friends to take part, as I am fundraising for my move to California and Norceca and FIVB Events for this and next year. I will be traveling around the world to play in FIVB and Norceca Events to help Canada get the world ranking we need to make the next Olympics, and then I will be looking to compete at the Olympics for Canada. With your help and sponsors we can make this happen and make it the best volleyball experience ever. I hope to use the knowledge I gain to run more camps in the future!! Thanks and I look forward to seeing you on the court!! And Just Remember....

Work Hard, and Play Harder!

-You are welcome to still play the elite club, in fact if you are doing both it means you are playing lots of volleyball, which is what we love! Please let me know immediately once you register what day of the tryouts you will be missing in order to tryout and the week before tryouts after I send out the confirmation email that you are registered for the following weekend, please remind me of your absence days. That way we dont lose you! Worry about playing on both once you make both teams. If you make both my club and another summer sport we will work hard so that you can do both and play lots of volleyball and have lots of fun. Thats what I do for a living, so Im good at it. See you on the beach!

Tammy Thomas (CEO)
T2 Beach Volleyball