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Spaghetti Dinner! Letter to Parents!!

posted Oct 22, 2012, 1:49 PM by Ian Vogt

Families of Troop 200,

            The Spaghetti Dinner is only 15 days away! The October 20, 2012 Troop meeting will be the last time we meet until the dinner. I ask that you treat this as if it were a troop meeting. It is expected that each scout and parents are in attendance if for some reason you cannot be there please let Spl Ian and Scout Master Michelsen know! With such a small troop it will take all of us to make this happen! Each Volunteer will receive a dinner at no charge. Through our social media I asked for Raffle basket donations, So far I have Received 2 ( two ) wonderful Raffle baskets. It would be great to see many more; you can find more information about donating a raffle basket on the Troop Website and Facebook. All baskets are to be taken to SPL Ian’s House by October 31st 2012.  We our also asking that each troop member brings in a dessert that will be used for the Spaghetti dinner. So far pre-sale tickets have been very low and I have only received tickets from 1 ( One ) Scout. In the next 11 days it would be great if we can give a lot of focus on selling these tickets. Tickets were to be turned in at any troop meeting leading up to the dinner. This being the last meeting you will have to drop off all Tickets and Money at SPL Ian’s House ( 3173 Penrose Ave. Toledo ,OH ) The deadline to turn tickets in is also October 31st . If not home please place in mailbox. All unsold tickets must be given back to SPL Ian on November 3rd.     

            Remember the Spaghetti Dinner is November 3rd 2012 4pm-7pm!  I ask that if Possible please arrive at 3pm, so we can prepare. I will be there most of the day Saturday so if you can come earlier it would be much appreciated. I would like to thank the many people that have taken time off of work to volunteer for this event. It is gladly appreciated!! With your help we will hope to purchase some much needed equipment! 




Yours In Scouting, SPL Ian