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PSR 100 year Camporee

posted Oct 10, 2012, 12:39 PM by Ian Vogt


TO:      T200 Members attending the PSR 100 year Camporee October 12th -14th, 2012

T200 members attending the camporee should be prepared, packed and dressed for the weather, in scout shirt, and at St. Petri by 6:15 pm Friday October the 12th.

 We are still planning transportation based on the number attending, so please make a decision today if you are attending so we can have our transportation planned.

A camporee permission slip is required and must be filled out in full and returned to ASM Vogt to attend. PLEASE SIGN!!!

A camporee talent release form must be filled out and returned to ASM Vogt to attend.  PLEASE SIGN!!

It doesn’t matter if you have filled these forms out in the past; they want new ones for the Camporee!

Come on Friday night having eaten your dinner, and bring a snack if you think you may be hungry Friday evening.

Your $12.00 Camporee Council fee needs to be paid.

Spending money is the responsibility of each individual scout. There will be a root beer cantina Saturday night and the trading post will probably be open. NO large or expensive items should be purchased, and NO scout will be permitted to buy any pocket knives at this event unless there is a parent attending and buys it for them. The scout shop in Sylvania has all the same items for purchase at your convenience.

If you are planning on doing C.O.P.E. while at PSR, a separate permission slip is also needed. It is the scouts responsibility to request this form from ASM Vogt sometime before we leave and have it filled out prior to leaving, and turn it in to the C.O.P.E. instructors at PSR.

All T200 Scouts and adults attending are reminded that the Boy Scout oath and law should be your guide for proper behavior for this and all scout activities. If you are not acting accordingly, as deemed by T200 Scoutmasters, you may be asked you to leave, resulting in loss of camping fee and transportation home from the event.

Thanks for your cooperation; we are looking forward to having a lot of fun.

Yours in Scouting,

T200 Scoutmasters