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My interests are in ecology, evolution and conservation biology. I am particularly interested in the interplay between ecology and evolution, and how their synthesis can be applied in the conservation of biological diversity. Most of my work involves combining theory with practice, science with applied aspects, and ecology with conservation at several levels of biological organization.
(c) Márk Klemanovits
At the scale of species and populations, I am mostly interested in how evolution has influenced life-history traits and habitat selection. I ask questions how very different animals (aquatic mayflies, grassland arthropods, and birds ) select their habitats, and whether conservation can re-create the cues animals use in selecting habitats to maintain viable populations of these species well into the future.

At the scale of landscapes, I am mostly interested in heterogeneity within and among habitats and how this heterogeneity influences the diversity of species in the landscape. I then apply this knowledge to establish or
maintain heterogeneity by habitat restoration and
management in order to maximize biological diversity
of the landscape.

At the scale of
communities, I am interested in how
ecological versus
evolutionary forces shape assemblages
of species, and how events at evolutionary time scales
influence current patterns in biodiversity.
An understanding of the relative strength of
these forces is highly relevant to interpret diversity
and to conserve communities and assemblages of species.

(c) Benoit Guenard