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csvrss does the following. As input it needs 2 versions of a csv file, preferbly and old and the current one. The csv files need to have as of yet the same amount of columns and in the same order.

csvrss will use the first column as primary column. This will be the identification column of a row. Thus, csvrss takes for example the first row, tries to find the value of the first column of that row in the data of the old csv if it matches it will look in the given "changecolumn" if the value there has been changed.

The output of csvrss is an rss file containing: any changed rows, new rows and deleted ones. It will append the items to the given output file. Note: that it's an unaware of xml written program as of yet.

download csvrss 0.1 csvrss01.zip  (28 december 2007)