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How Not To Present Your Research  


The worst research presentation I've seen.  Blue text on a lime green background; ALL CAPS.  This guy was so bad it was good - so I made a spoof of what I remembered from his slides, so you can see just how bad bad can be.

Reddit Title Spoof Generator  

spoof.rb        (requires Ruby)

When run in the Ruby interpreter (e.g.,"ruby spoof.rb" on the command line), this script downloads 1000 titles from and runs them through an algorithm that creates humorous mashups from pieces of titles.

Multiboot Compliant OS Kernel

mbs-kernel  |  menu.lst  |  kernel.c  |  boot.S  |  multiboot.h

If you've ever dreamed of experimenting with writing your own operating system, the first step is to get a kernel booted.  If you implement the Multiboot Specification, you don't have to write your own bootloader code.  GRUB can load your kernel for you!  Read my blog to find out how easy it really is!

Disclaimer:  This code is just a minor modification of the multiboot compliant kernel example given here in the GRUB online documentation.  They did the real work - I'm just (re)presenting it as a proof of concept for a simple kernel.

Pixie Install Script (requires Ubuntu Linux)

This is a Bash script to simplify installing Pixie on Ubuntu (may also work on Debian; haven't tested that).  It automatically downloads the source tarball, unpacks it, installs all the dependencies needed to build, builds Pixie, and installs it.  Remember to type "chmod +x" to make the script executable after you download it.