The Shaw-Spector Group

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In the early-to-mid 1970's there was a rock club in Chicago called Yellow Brick Road owned by brothers Chas and Phil Peluso. During the heyday of Yellow Brick Road they booked such bands as Head East, Pezband, Shadows Of Night, Iron Butterfly, Cheap Trick, Cain, M.S. Funk, and Sparkle, to name just a few. As time went on, the Peluso's developed special relationships with many of the musicians they presented, but two in particular stood out for them - the lead singer from Sparkle, Sherwin Spector, and the guitarist from M.S. Funk, Tommy Shaw. After several meetings with Sherwin and Tommy, the Peluso brothers decided to go into the studio and produce an EP of their songs. Chas and Phil produced recordings of three Shaw & Spector tunes in 1973, which were then lost and forgotten . . . until recently.

Of course, Tommy Shaw went on to become a rock star with the band Styx, and then later formed Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent, not to mention many other solo projects.

Unfortunately, Sherwin Spector was cut down in 1993, shot dead in a street deal gone wrong. But (thankfully!) we still have these rare recordings to remember him by.

Listening to these great songs today gives one a nostalgic thrill for that halcyon period of rock history in Chicago. We also get a clear reminder of what was to become the catalyst for the huge commercial and artistic successes of Styx, that being of course the natural gift of Tommy Shaw's compositional techniques. Now, presented with digital mixing and mastering, here is The Shaw-Spector Group.

1.)   Where Do You Go

2.)   Sneaker

3.)   Tell It All

Phil Peluso

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The Shaw-Spector Group - Tommy Shaw & Sherwin Spector