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Originally released in 2002, The PRC Sampler is an eclectic 69-minute CD featuring:

Easter Island, formed in 1973 by guitarist Mark Miceli, has its roots in the compositional techniques of King Crimson, Yes, and ELP. In 1980 the band released their first, self-titled album on the BAAL label, and that vinyl record has been traded for as much as $1000.00 per copy. Their contribution to the PRC Sampler features Miceli on guitar, Bob Chapman on drums, Richard Streander on lead guitar, and Al Collinsworth - of the classic band Pre, which recorded one great album in 1972 - on bass guitar. Easter Island first recorded this track in 2001 and a version without Collinsworth was debuted at the Progressive Rock Collectors forum in December of that year in an mp3 download. Past live Easter Island performances in concert included dates with Gong, UK, Starcastle, Zu Band (featuring Bill Laswell), Par Lindh Project, and Alaska.

Rockenfield/Speer's contribution to the PRC Sampler is a musical expression of coyote life. From the opening howl they take us on a pulsating romp over the windswept ridges of Hells Canyon (the title of the 2000 release from which the track comes). Rockenfield's powerful drumming and Speer's soaring guitars are augmented by samples and synthesizer textures. Scott Rockenfield is a co-founder of the band Queensrÿche, and Paul Speer is credited on over 100 albums as guitarist, engineer and producer - both are Grammy nominees.

Velvet Chain is a Los Angeles-based band led by bassist Jeff Stacy and vocalist Erika Amato. Velvet Chain appeared on an episode of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1999, and their contribution to the PRC Sampler was originally composed to be the theme song of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin-off show called Angel. Velvet Chain has toured the United States extensively, and their music has appeared in numerous television and film productions, including the Buffy movie soundtrack and HBO's Sex and the City.

Also featured on this album is a Mediterranean influenced piece from Trap, a group formed by drummer Gary Parra (ex-Cartoon, PFS), plus a track from Ken Watson, contributions from RIO (rock-in-opposition) stalwarts French TV, the Belgian group Man In Space, a pan-Arabic composition from guitarist Ian Naismith, a creepy electronic foray by Exploding Monsters, a heavy fusion track by Visual Cliff, a tune from Lennart Stahle of Sweden, a suberb Pink Floyd-ish track by Matthew Walker, all capped with an epic soundscape by Systems Theory.

"Musically it explores territory from experimental electronics to technical instrumental prog, to heavy melodic progressive, to a sort of 'sampled' fusion. A great sampler to check out some new sounds."
-Steve Roberts of ZNR

"A great album!"
-Lew Fisher of Progressive Music Society

"Most of the material here is purely instrumental and all are professional sounding. Definitely worth checking out."
-Peter Thelen of Exposé

"(A)n amazing ear opening experience ... worth your time to seek out this compilation, especially if you’re a connoisseur of progressive music."

  1. Easter Island - Entropy
  2. Rockenfield/Speer - Coyote
  3. Trap - Argonaut
  4. Ken Watson - Gollide, Part 1
  5. French TV - That Thing On The Wall
  6. Man In Space - One Deep Breath
  7. Ian Naismith - Bhagwan Dass
  8. Velvet Chain - Angel Theme
  9. Exploding Monsters - Sixth Extinction
10. Visual Cliff - The Endless Generation (Psalm 49)
11. Lennart Stahle - The First Day Was For Real
12. Matthew Walker - Explorations
13. Systems Theory - Red Sun Fading

Progressive Rock Collectors was an online discussion forum flourishing from 2001 to 2006, with some 600 members - a relatively large percentage of whom were progressive musicians and industry professionals. Regularly featured were downloads of long out-of-print albums (some of which were were then spurred to re-release) along with lively discussions of all things progressive - including, yes, the collecting of rocks.

All contributors to this album were members of the PRC forum.

The PRC Sampler compilation was produced by Christopher Jones and first released on CD in November 2002 to critical acclaim, soon to be followed by radio airplay nationwide. Several of the tracks saw their original CD release on this album.

Many thanks to the great musicians who generously gave their time and music to this cooperative project.

All rights to the music on this album are retained by the artists.

© 2002, 2014 System Tree

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The PRC Sampler - Progressive Rock Collectors