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Soul Beautiful is Hampton Taliaferro's first solo album - a kaleidoscopic, outside-the-box collection of moving grooving original songs which seamlessly blend classic sounds of the 70's with the alternative energy of the 80's and the grunge of the 90's. Hampton plays drums, acoustic rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals. He's joined on this musical journey by Medo Agus on electric guitar and Roxy on viola, violin, sax & vocals, with special appearances by Shelley Martin on flute, Chuck Dodson on electric keyboard, Levon Walkin playing acoustic slides & fills - plus a reunion with Common Children bassist Drew Powell.

"I definitely get a Peter Gabriel feeling from this, I love the environment you put the listener in - a wonderful, great CD."
-Brian Godula, Zoppa Records

"(N)ot only featuring several catchy pop melodies, but also more than its fair share of experimental instrumentation ... giving the record an eclectic character that is by turns fantastic and ... sonic excellence that massages the eardrums ... a solid album."
-Hot Spots magazine

"I loved the whole record, and will play more, frequently."
-Trinity Daves, Not That Radio Show KUHS-FM

Hampton Taliaferro has been exciting the Arkansas music scene for several years following stints in Seattle and Nashville. Hampton plays local gigs with his acoustic guitar and original songs as well as playing drums touring and recording with many musicians and bands such as Common Children, Crash Meadows, Chris Mosher, ADAM, and The Rugs. In various groups he has shared the stage with Kid Rock, The Spin Doctors, Train, Joan Jett, Dale Bozzio, Cheap Trick, Dishwalla, Tonic, and a host of other celebrated acts.

℗ 2013 Booga G Publishing (BMI)
Songs written by Hampton Taliaferro
Produced by Christopher Jones & Hampton Taliaferro
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Christopher Jones in the System Tree House

  1. Intralingual 0:32.270
  2. Wondering Why Tonight 4:20.000
  3. If I Was Falling 5:05.878
  4. I'm Gonna Change 4:44.444
  5. Known 4:07.803
  6. What Grownups Do 4:05.214
  7. The Sacred Ground 0:46.910
  8. Soul Beautiful 3:58.118
  9. Extended Mountain Soulshine 2:40.420
10. The Devil's Inside 4:33.567
11. Earth People 2:43.834
12. Hallowing The Circle Out 3:21.426
13. Soul Beautiful (radio edit) 3:33.333
Total time 44:33.2211

The Musicians:
Hampton Taliaferro - vocals 13-1, drums & percussion 13-2, acoustic guitar 13 & 11-2
Adam Merriott - electric basses 13 & 11-7 & 5 & 3-2, electric upright bass 4
Medo Agus - electric guitar 13 & 11-8 & 3
Christopher Jones - vocals 12 & 10-9, percussion 12-10 & 3, amplitoobed didgeridoo 7
Muddy Crawdad Johnson - vocals & percussion 12 & 4, amply tubed guitar 5
Squeaky McGill - vocals 12 & 4, hamplitubed lead guitar 5
Bourbon Joe - vocals 12 & 4, concussion 5
Roxy - foxy vox 10 & 3, violin 10, viola & sax 4
Jade & Bonham Taliaferro - vocals 6
Drew Powell - electric bass 6
Levon Walkin - acoustic slides & fills 6
Shelley Martin - the flute fantasie 3
Chuck Dodson - electric keyboard 2

The producers wish to express their deepest gratitude to the wonderful musical artists playing on this album for helping to fulfill the dream.

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All Rights Reserved.

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Soul Beautiful by Hampton Taliaferro