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Geophysical Graffiti is an eclectic 67-minute album and the long-awaited sequel to The PRC Sampler, a compilation first realized in the Progressive Rock Collectors online discussion forum and released on CD in November 2002.

Geophysical Graffiti features:

Glenn Phillips, the legendary Atlanta-based guitarist who began his professional career in 1967 with the Hampton Grease Band (which "played with countless classic bands of the era, including Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac and The Allman Brothers"). Glenn has jammed with Frank Zappa and Little Feat, and collaborated with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and Peter Buck of REM, among many others. Glenn has released twelve solo albums to date. His second album Swim In The Wind, from which his contribution to Geophysical Graffiti comes, was released on Virgin Records in 1976.

Munju, the classic German jazzrock band that arose with the amazing wave of krautfusion groups in the mid-1970's such as Embryo and Aera. Munju's first sax/flute player Jürgen Benz came from the great Missus Beastly, and their phenomenal bassist Wolfgang Solomon has also played with the Swedish group Von Zamla. Along with voodoo drums and backwards choral tracks, Munju's contribution to Geophysical Graffiti features the mindbending psychedelic guitar of Dieter Kaudel, and was originally released on their fourth album Le Perfectionniste from 1984.

Jim Gilmour, keyboardist extraordinaire of the original Canadian neo-prog group SAGA, which had hit songs on US charts and elsewhere beginning in the late 1970's. Jim's contribution to Geophysical Graffiti is a muscular fusion of styles with a juicy bass line and inspired breaks, originally released on his 2006 album The Great Escape.

Scott Rockenfield, Grammy-nominated drummer and co-founder of Queensrÿche, with (also Grammy-nominated) producer/engineer Paul Speer on guitar, bass and keyboards. Rockenfield/Speer's contribution to Geophysical Graffiti is a groovy trance rock piece from their 2000 release titled Hells Canyon.

Also featured on this album is an energetic track from Gary Parra (ex-Cartoon, PFS, and Trap) collaborating with keyboardist Tim Forkes, plus RIO (rock-in-opposition) stalwarts French TV, progressive soundscapists Systems Theory, the expansive Gothic strains of Karda Estra, the Belgian group Man In Space, Tuna Laguna from Norway, a brilliant bit of space rock from Project Moonbeam, a high desert guitar trek with Rorschach Painters, and the return of Exploding Monsters.

  1. Glenn Phillips - Vanity
  2. Munju - Beat On The Wet Sock
  3. Jim Gilmour - Killarney Sunrise
  4. Forkes/Parra - Uncle Riff
  5. Rockenfield/Speer - Snake Dance
  6. French TV - Sekala Dan Niskala
  7. Systems Theory - Green Miata Baja Bound
  8. Karda Estra - Am I Dreaming You? Are You Dreaming Me?
  9. Man In Space - Die Zeitmachine
10. Tuna Laguna - Judy Loop
11. Project Moonbeam - One More Trip
12. Rorschach Painters - Road To Karachi
13. Exploding Monsters - Strange Attractor

The Geophysical Graffiti compilation was produced by Christopher Jones.

Many thanks to the wonderful musicians who generously gave their time and music to this cooperative project.

All rights to the music on this album are retained by the artists.

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Geophysical Graffiti - Progressive Rock Collectors