Deep, foundational technical expertise and experience in design, development and integration are:
       ·   Operating Systems – Linux, Windows, Solaris

         ·   Drivers – Ethernet, TCP/IP, InfiniBand, Rapid I/O, SCSI, FC, SAS

         ·   OpenFabrics (OFED) with InfiniBand and RDMA over Ethernet (ROCE), Verbs API

         ·   OFED with Open MPI, MVAPICH and other MPIs

         ·   OFED with Portals 4, SHMEM, PGAS   

         ·   OFED  with Sockets, IP, uDAPL, RDS    

         ·   OFED with SRP (FC/SAN), iSER (iSCSI/NAS), NFS

         ·   OFED with Lustre or GPFS file systems

         ·   OFED with RDS for Oracle RAC and Exadata

         ·   OFED with OpenSM, and other SMs for specialized topologies and routing

         ·   OFED with OpenFlow

         ·   Special Purpose Protocols for Sensor Data Acquisition and Recording


Areas of forward looking strategic assessment, analysis, architecture, design, development integration implementation and support are:

        ·   Data Center Infrastructure for higher efficiency and lower investment

           ·   High Performance Cluster Computing for improved performance and extreme scalability

           ·   High Speed (10 Gig and above) Wide Area Connections using InfiniBand Extension or ROCE

           ·   File System and Database Active-Active implementations

           ·   Storage Architectures including Flash or Disk to achieve higher IOPs or Bandwidth

           ·   Fabric/Network Performance Analysis, Monitoring, Debugging Tuning and Robust Operation