Your applications are not running as fast as you had hoped?
You've got an I/O problem, you just don’t know it.  Let us help you fix it.

System Fabric Works is an industry leader in data transmission and I/O.   Many IT organizations that need application performance improvement have turned to System Fabric Works to improve their computing, storage and networking environments.   SFW’s years of experience in the core technologies utilized in high performance computing and our comprehensive understanding of  the system-wide implications of scaling-up and scaling-out make us highly qualified to help you.

System Fabric Works can provide its clients both architectural and engineering development support for implementing new environments or improvement on existing deployments.   We provide services and unique skills to both end users and system vendors.  The services we provide include:

  • System Procurement, Integration and Deployment
    We acquire industry standard hardware, provision software, integrate, test, ship, install and support what you need.
  • System architecture and design
    We offer design expertise to help you implement new I/O environment that meets your performance needs.
  • Performance Improvement
    Our clients use us to significantly enhance performance and management of network, storage and cluster environments.
  • Development
    Our team of skilled software developers can deliver complex and well designed code as part of a project we are leading for you or as a development resource as part of your team.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
     In all our projects we develop tests to valid our work or where needed to diagnose the environment we are working in.
  • Project management
    We are experienced project managers that take pride in managing projects from inception to completion, on time and on budget.

As part of System Fabric Works services offering, we provide support for the products we deliver and the projects we manage, either 8 x 5 or 24 x7 with a premium.  Support services come with periodic fixes and software updates as well as knowledge base access and documentation.

Our service offerings benefit from our extensive experience and our intimate knowledge of many key technologies in the I/O and network environment including:

  • InfiniBand                                                         
  • RDMA Transports
  • Fabric Management
  • TCP/IP Stacks
  • Fibre Channel, SCSI, SAS and SATA
  • OFED stacks for Linux and Windows
  • Lustre File System